Monday, December 24, 2012

Feliz Navidad

We're enjoying Christmas and the traditions. This afternoon we did paches and ponche. The paches are like tamales but they're made of potatoes in place of the corn flour stuff. I'm really looking forward to eating them tonight!

 It was great to talk to you guys as well! I hope that everything goes great for you! Be safe, eat lots of food (well not too much haha), and enjoy the family. Love you all tons!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just a Short One

So this week went all right. I'm really learning a lot and trying to so my best as senior companion. It's definitely a challenge but we're coming along. Our telephone has had a few problems recently and today we had our Christmas activity with the zone and president and they were supposed to change the chip out to another phone but that didn't happen so right now we are without a phone until Wednesday in our district meeting. We haven't been able to teach too much because we're looking for new investigators and trying to work with the members to advance the work. But we're trying. It's a lot harder than it looks haha. I'll let you know about the investigators when we talk because well there isn't much time and I'm really looking forward to talking to you!

Hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!

this is my companion and where we ate for the conference - in front of the lake

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Week Training

Things are going well! My companion is great! Her name is Hermana Brandaris. She's from Panama and she's just great! I was hoping to get a Latina because I want to keep working on my Spanish and everything. All the trainers went to the capital so I was able to see some of the sisters that I haven't seen in a long time, as well as some elders. The capital wasn't as cold as the week before so I was grateful for this. On Tuesday we had our training as trainers and with the newbies. Then in the night we were able to visit with the newbies because we all slept in the same house. It was nice to get to know some new missionaries and to remember when we were in their position. I couldn't believe that I'm on this side! I'm so used to being the younger companion that it was like, wow, I'm going to be going home soon.... It's crazy. Wednesday we had the transfers and i was able to see more sisters and elders that I know. There were a lot of sisters that went home. Like 9 of them and 3 elders. So it was good that 8 sisters entered the field this transfer. They're saying that the ones that entered this transfer are probably going to train after their first 3 months because lots of missionaries are going to be entering. It was a little sad to say goodbye to Hermana Garambel.

 We got back to my beloved area on Thursday which was great! I missed it and just wanted to go back to Peten the whole time I was in the capital. And we went right to work. We went with Max, the elders went with us, and he gave us a whole sermon on the mount or something. My poor new companion on her first day...He wasn't like attacking us but he told us that we were really young to be doing what we were doing and everything. I'm not sure if we're going to continue with them or if we're going to drop them. Hugo Flores and his family are doing great! Especially the wife and son. Their other son as well came back because he has a break from the university in the capital so we started teaching him and he seems really interested.

We're working on finding new people to teach again. Always searching. This week is going to be a little tough to work with them members and the new rule that we can't leave without them because our telephone is partially broken. Some of the buttons don't work and they're some of the most important ones so we can't call anyone unless the number was already in the phone and of course we don't have many in the phone so I think we're going to be doing phone calls to other people to call other people to leave and visit people with us. This should be interesting.....

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. We have a family that's invited us to share the 24th with them. We're going to eat tamales and ponche. I'm going to learn how to do them! So I'm super excited!!

 Well wish me good luck this week! I love you all and hope that everything goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Going to Train!!!!

Yeah here we are in December! And I've got great news!!! I'm going to train! This is the transfers! My companion is going home and i get a newbie!!!! I'm super excited! Nervous but it should go well. We also have a new rule that they just put it place this week. We can't leave the house to work after 5:30pm unless we have a member.......It was kind of a surprise but I guess it worked out in the capital so they decided to put it in all the mission. Just in time for me to train....well we'll see how this goes. But it should be good. We talked with some members that are willing to come out and help us so hopefully we won't have too many nights in the house haha!

 My companion was doing a lot better this week and was able to say goodbye to some people, we found new investigators, and overall it was good. We were able to go with Max and his family. The baby is doing better! We were super happy for them.  We're going to find out what happens with Osbin this week.

 It's been raining here this week...sadly. Hopefully it will stop soon! I want to be dry haha!

But I have to go. We're leaving for the capital tonight so I've got to hurry! Love you tons!!!!!! have a great week!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Songs

I had an interesting week....well my companion was sick. Her tooth had some problems coming out. They had to break up the roots because it was fused to the bone. So she had a lot of pain this week. It's still healing up. Then after days in the house she got a cold with fever. So the poor girl was sick and tired. She wanted to go home this week. It was really rough because she's in the last of her time here in the mission and she's sick. We only left one day to work, and with that only 2 houses. It wasn't a great week for her. I tried to enjoy my time in the house cooking, cleaning, studying, yeah pretty much anything that I could do so that I didn't die of boredom haha. It wasn't too bad though. The first two days I was glad because I could sleep a little because I didn't sleep anything in the bus.

We had a baptism this week though haha. We started teaching this investigator because he came to visit his aunt and said that he was going to go back to the capital so we started teaching and hoped that he could find the missionaries when he went back. But then the elders visited them one day and they started teaching and basically stole the investigator. It was all good though because they could relate better with him because of his age and everything. But in the end the ZL said that it was our investigator because he lives in our area so we got a free baptism haha! His name is Welser.

Osbin kind of fell through a little because we couldn't visit this week but we're going to put a new date with him to get married and to get baptized.

I'm looking forward to celebrating this next year with you. This sunday we started singing Christmas songs in church haha! That's one way to get into the holiday spirit!  And I found the stocking from last year so I'm going to put it up this week!

Well this is the last week of the transfer. So this Saturday or Sunday I'll find out what's going to happen. The good thing is that I already know that my companion has a transfer haha.

Yep we got the root beer but with my companion sick I think we're going to enjoy it today!

Well I hope that you all have a great week and that I have a better week as well! Love you all!!!!!!

My companion and Nilza. She's leaving on the mission at the end of January for Mexico. She goes with us to visit people.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This week went well. We were able to meet with Hugo and his family, Odet and Jonathan. They're doing well. This week we won't be able to see them because they have to go to the capital but hopefully they'll make it to church. Max and is family are doing alright. The son isn't getting better. The hospital kicked him out because they said that they can't do anything more for him so he's not in there anymore. It's really sad because he's really not doing well. We're thinking that most likely he's going to die... We talked with the family about the Plan of Salvation and they felt a little better but there's really not anything that us or them can do. It's up to God now as to what happens with him.

Osbin is doing great. They're getting excited to get married so that he can get baptized.

We get our investigators here by contacting and by reference. Poptún is huge!!!!! We have a branch and there's four of us missionaries. The district leader, Elder Child, and his companion, Elder Gamez, and us. But the area is huge. To get to Machaquilá where Hugo and Max live we have to take a bus or tuktuk (a tuktuk is like a mini carriage. I don't know how to describe it. It's got three wheels and reminds me of a motorcycle but it's got the seat in front and then seats behind and it's covered. That's the normal transport here. I'll get a picture of it to show you.) and it's like 20-30 minutes away. When we walk to church on Sundays it's like half an hour walking. So it's pretty big but I love it!! It's like a pueblo. Most of the streets are dirt and it's really different from the capital. In the capital the houses are connected and they don't have front yards or back yards. The houses here and more spread out a little like farm area but smaller. There's a ton of trees and there's more humidity here. I'm loving loving loving it. We had interviews this week with the president and I told him that I never want to go back haha!

Wow sounds like Dan had a great time!

We had a slight problem this week. For the last like two weeks the last of the wisdom teeth or Hermana Garambel, and the only that they didn't pull, decided that it wants to come out. But it's giving her a ton of pain like there's something that isn't quite right. So Sunday night we headed into the capital where we are right now. She'll be going in for her appointment in a few hours and hopefully everything goes well so that we can work these last two weeks. I just really hope that she feels better because she's had a rough last few days. And then we'll be going back tonight about at 9pm.

I hope that you all enjoy Thanksgiving. I really wouldn't have known Thanksgiving was this week but the elders asked if I was going to do something. I said no. But because I came to capital they all wanted rootbeer so I bought a bunch so that we can celebrate. Maybe I can find some ice cream somewhere as well..... But I hope that things go well. Enjoy your pies and all the food!
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a picture of my district after the interviews.  we were trying to get jalón (hitchhike).
Left to right it's Elder Rojas, Elder Córdova, Elder Child, Elder Lowe, Elder Gamez, and Hermana Garambel. And the one sitting down is Elder Mijangos. That's my district!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Didn't Feel the Earthquake

Things are going great here! I love Peten!!!!!!! Today we had another great P-day in.....Tikal!!!! It was awesome and definitely worth it!!!!! And after that we ate in Pizza Hut which is awesome. There isn't fast food in Poptun. Different from the capital but the food is better than fast food. But one always misses the fast food haha.

 We did not feel the earthquake. Peten didn't receive anything so there's no need to worry. We're doing great here. I called and talked to Hermana Ramos. She said that it was awesome. They had gone to the temple for their p-day (it's not open on Mondays so they went Tuesday) and she said it was great! So the capital didn't get it too bad either but I'm sure that down by the coast they got hit pretty bad.

The missionary work is going well here. We found some new investigators. Last week when we got a free ride up to Santa Elena to go to Yaxha we talked to the guy and he lives in our area, Hugo Flores, and he said that he lived in the US for like 15 years so we visited him and his family. His son really appreciates it because he's interested in this stuff and he enjoys talking a little in English. He's lived here for like 2 years now but it's still a little hard for him. There's also another family, the dad is Maxamiliano, or Max, and their son's sick so we were able to bring the elders to the hospital to give the son a blessing so we're hoping that turns out well.

We have someone with a date to get baptized. His name's Osbin and he's going to get married the same day. They had a date to get married and him baptized but it fell through so we put a new one for the 1st of December. We're really going to work with the ward so that they can complete this date. They seem excited though so it should go through. Hermana Garambel told me that the last time they weren't as excited so we'll see what happens.

Yeah I'm working hard on learning the area so that I can take over when she leaves. It should be good though. It's bigger than I'm used to but it's not too confusing.

Love you all and hope that you have a great week!

(Don't know what the white spot is... just a camera glitch or something)



Monday, November 5, 2012

Sights of Peten

I'm glad that Jacob got off well. I thought about him that day and I've been telling everyone that he left in the mission haha! We had a good Halloween. We were going to have an activity but it got canceled and also they called and said that we needed to enter early that night into our houses. So we were there at 7pm.

 The ward here is really good and there's a girl that's helping us. Her name's Nilza and she's leaving for the mission at the end of January. She's going to be a great missionary!

I'm loving it here in Poptun! It's amazing. I think the only downer is that there aren't as many stores here to buy stuff because it's a little far but everything else is better here!!!

My companion is Hermana Garambel. She's from Peru and it's her last transfer. We get along great!! I'm really happy that she can finish her mission well.

Today we had a great p-day again. We went to some ruins called Yaxha. They were awesome! It's a possible site where Christ may have visited but of course we don't know for sure. The best part is that to go to Santa Elena to meet up with the zone and to come back, it's two hours, we get to ask for jalòn! Hitch hike! The people here are super nice and we can always find a pickup truck that willing to take us where they're going. We got lucky that it didn't rain too much either. I have a great district and we all get a long really well so I'm happy here.

I'm glad that you're Halloween went well. Sorry I don't have much for investigators right now because we're looking for new ones but we've found some possibilities. I'll let you know next week!

Hope you have a great week! Love you tons!!!!!!!
The sights of Peten


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Transfer!

Well I have a lot to write this week haha! First, yes I had a transfer. On Sunday they told us that we didn't have transfers and we were super excited because we didn't have to pack anything so that's what I wrote you but then Wednesday morning happened. Here's the story. We left early because one of our ZL had a transfer so we went to tell him goodbye before he left. He left and we came back home. About half an hour after we got home one of the asistants called. I had a transfer and I was going to Peten. My area Poptun with Hermana Garambel. I needed to pack my stuff and get there as soon as possible because I needed to be there for the bus that left at 2pm but Hermana Ramos needed to be at the transfers to collect her new companion. So this happened at 9am. I hurried and packed my stuff and we went to the family Shoenfeld, said goodbye to one of the sons, went to one of the daughter's houses and said goodbye to her and then I left the area. We got there about 11am. Then I left for Peten. It was a 9 hour and we got to Santa Elena. We spent the night there because it was like midnight and then we went to Poptun, another two hours haha.

It's great here. The first thing I bought was sunblock haha! Right now we're in the good time when it's not as hot and supposedly rains. It's been a little warm. Not too bad and I'm really enjoying it. Time for the tan haha!!!! I'm excited that I'll most likely be passing Christmas here so this will be cool!

The P-days are definitely cooler outside of the capital. In the capital you can't use normal clothes in p-day but here yep!!! Today we went to some waterfalls and then when we came back we rode in the back of a pickup that had a corral type thing on the back so we were standing up and it was awesome!!! Hopefully we'll get to go to Tikal this transfer because that's the ruins that everyone talks about here.

I'm going to complete a year in the mission this week! Whee!!!!!! The time has passed by fast. I'm really happy here and I'm loving it.

The other week we had a conference with a general authority, Elder Duncan. He was really good. He talked about how we need to think about the wards that we're in. That they're going to be stakes one day. And God is hastening the work right now so it will be in less time than we think. He also told us to start working with the less active members to get references because it will help both them and the investigators to build strong testimonies in the church. It really works because we started doing it in Martinico and it had a huge success.

Well that's my crazy week! Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

Good luck and enjoy the snow while I'm enjoying the sun haha!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Great Week!

This week was great! We had two baptisms. Well really only one because the other didn't count for us. Eunice got baptized on Tuesday. It was super good. We got a little afraid when they did the baptism interview before the baptism because it lasted like 40 minutes but Elder Flores, our DL, said that she really talks a lot haha!! She told us that the weekend before her baptism she still wasn't quite sure about it but she decided to pray and ask God if she should be baptized and she felt peace with her decision. We were super super excited for her. It's always amazing to see these real conversions. Then on Sunday she was supposed to work but luckily there was an event so she got to go in to work a little later than normal so she was able to make it to church to be confirmed! It was a great experience.

Then on Friday there was an 8 year old that got baptized. He the son of some less active members that we've been working with. The mom is super excited to return to church and the two sons are really loving the activities and everything. The dad it still a little hard. He works a lot and I don't think that he really has the desire to come back but we're going to keep working with them. They're the family González.

We weren't able to meet with Glenda this week. It's a little hard because she lives in the zone but not in our area but she had problems with her husband and they're getting a divorce and she wants to move in to our area. Her niece lives in our area and we've been teaching her in the niece's house. The problem is that Glenda has 5 kids, no car, and the niece doesn't have a car either so it's hard for them to come to the niece's house. But we're planning on seeing them this next weekend and if not we're going to need to pass them to the other missionaries so that they can teach them.

I'm not sure exactly what's happening with Aurelia. We called this week and she wasn't able to come to church. It's hard because we can't go out to Chinautla very much with the rain so we haven't seen her in weeks.

And with the transfers.....well you aren't going to believe it but......I don't have transfers. And neither does Hermana Ramos. hahahahahahahaha!! We couldn't believe it. Here we go for our 6th transfer together haha! It's crazy but well it's by revelation so God knows why the things happen. This is Hermana Ramos's 5th transfer in this area. She's had 5 in Los Olivos and 5 here. And I think I'm following her footsteps because I've got 5 in Los Olivos and now I'm going for my 3rd here. We're excited!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upcoming Baptism

Ok. Eunice is doing great. We're going to baptize her tomorrow night! Whee!!!!!! We're super excited. She really wants to be baptized so here we for tomorrow. Glenda is also the name of the new contact with the kids. She's doing great as well. We taught her yesterday and she really feels the Spirit. She's going to pray about the day for her to get baptized but I'm sure she's going to accept.

Aurelia is still in the air. We went to Chinautla on Saturday but she wasn't there. We were able to talk to one of her sons and hopefully we'll find her this week. It was awesome while we were there though because we gave service with a huge group of women that were preparing food and stuff for a funeral. We were able to talk and mingle with them. My companion got all dirty haha.

Wow I can't believe that Jacob's going so soon!!! That's so cool! I'm going to miss him but it's for a good cause haha!

This week we had a cool activity for the investigators that we did with the bishop. We had some investigators that came to the church (we did it with the elders that share our ward as well) and they watched the movie John Tanner from the D&C movies, and then we ate hamburgers after so that they could meet each other and so that they could ask questions.

My stomach is doing well! I think that I'm good now.

Well I hope you have a great week!!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Reactions

The reaction down here was awesome with the age change on the missions!!!!!!! We laughed a little because when they announced the age change for the girls it looks like the girls in the crowd were excited the guys a little worried haha! yeah I'm sure it's a shock change for Dan! Wow! I was thinking about how I'll be coming home at the end of May and he could leave at the beginning of June but who knows. I'm sure the office is going to be swamped!!!!! There's going to be so many people putting in their papers to leave on their missions. I'm super excited for the change. I think it's awesome!!!

I also loved a ton of the talks. Especially Holland again. He always has an amazing talk!

We had a good week! We got some new investigators that are references from a member which is awesome. They were able to go to two sessions of the conference! The mom is the aunt of the member and her 5 kids. She's going through a divorce right now so it's a little hard but she's really receptive and wants to learn more. We had a really good lesson with her, Glenda, and her kids.

Eunice is doing well. Getting ready for her baptism and we've been able to visit her with other people. She's doing really well and happy.

There weren't other investigators that made it to conference. We called Aurelia and she answered but there weren't any buses that she could take so she didn't make it. We'll be going out this week to put a new date with her for her baptism and we're really going to work with her so that she can be baptized.

I'm doing well. I loved the conference that was really the highlight of my week! I was little bit baggy this week missing home on my 11 month mark but we had a great district meeting that helped me a lot and also the conference put a lot of things in better light. My stomach is doing better. I still have a few pains but the doctor says it's like after effects from the infection or something like that. The good thing was that I was never really really sick, it just bothered me a little because it wasn't normal. But I'm good now. Thanks for worrying but I'm really alright! We're working hard!!

I love you all tons!!! Hope you have a great week!!!! I know I'm going to have a great week!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Conference in Spanish

This week was good! We were able to work with lots of members to visit people. Eunice is doing good. She wasn't able to go to church this week because she had a family things but she was going to go to a young adult activity with one of the members that we brought to her house. The member is a youth that's going to leave for the mission in a few months but he was super good at talking with her, asked for her information so that they could bring her to the activities and everything. It made me super excited for when I come home to make friends with the investigators haha! Seibi and Glenda were able to go to a baptism that the elders in our ward had. They really liked it and it really helped a lot. They weren't able to make it to church this week either because they already had plans but hopefully they can come to the conferences!

I'm super excited for the conference this weekend! 6 months passed by super fast!!!! Chinautla is doing alright. We were able to find new investigators this Saturday, including the family of Aurelia. We were able to visit with them and we had a super good lesson with them. Aurelia was super excited and said that she would come to church but when we tried to call her in the morning the phone was turned off. And we tried again today and it's still turned off...we don't know what happened but maybe something. I guess we'll find out when we go out there this week.

I'm doing pretty good. I've got something funny going on in my stomach but don't worry. The nurses gave me something to take because they think that I might have an infection but I finished the medicine and I don't think I'm better so we'll find out what happens when I talk to them tonight again. I'm not horrible and I'm not going to die it's just a little annoying haha.

The Relief Society conference was great! It was in Spanish and I've gotten a lot better at my Spanish. I'm understanding a lot more so I understood most of the conference. It's funny because I remember earlier in the mission I thought that I would never be in the point that I'm at right now that I can understand more and things are going well in the lessons and I can call and talk to people on the telephone haha!

I love you tons and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Things to Come

Eunice is doing great! She made is to church again this week and she really likes the young adult classes!! She's making friends with them so things are going well! We have to move her baptism date back a little bit for the general conference but we're feeling pretty good with her! Aurelia we don't know what's going on with her. We call and she doesn't answer and we haven't been able to make it out to Chinautla because of the rain and one day Hermana Ramos didn't feel so well in the morning but we'll be going out this week. Seibi and Glenda we aren't so sure that they want much to do with the church because they didn't answer the phone on Sunday morning again. But they always receive us when we come to their house. We're going to visit them this week with some members so that maybe they can feel a little bit better about the church and hopefully make it this week.

Wow general conference is coming up soon! I'm really looking forward to that.

Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Crazy Food

I'm happy that I'm with Hermana Ramos again. She really helps me a lot. She's really smart. Eunice made it to church this week!!!!!! We were super happy!! I feel relieved. We needed this. She's doing great. She's always asking when we're going to pass by the house again. If there are activites and everything. She really enjoyed the young adult class that she went to. She's scheduled to get baptized the 5th of October! Hopefully everything goes well and she's able to progress. Seibi and Glenda didn't make it. We called the night before to confirm but the morning of they didn't answer the cell phone.... We were really disappointed because they're super nice and willing to read and everything. I don't know what happened but we'll find out this week when we pass by.

We haven't been able to meet with Marybel. We called her cell phone to set up an appointment but she didn't answer so we're going to pass by this week. Diana was able to go to church this week. sigh of relief. She really wants to join the church but we still have the problem that they don't live here so we can't meet with them much. It's a little complicated right now. I don't think that Maritza wants to join the church. I think she likes the church but doesn't have a testimony of it. She doesn't come to church on Sunday.

 We did find someone new this week. We went out to Chinautla. The cool pueblo that's in our area and we found Aurelia. She's super animated to learn more about the church. She had been praying the night before to receive a response from God that he loves her and that he isn't ignoring her. And we showed up the next day. We put a date for her to get baptized. It's a little far away. It's for the end of the October but it's also because it's a little hard for them to come to church here because they need to take a bus to get to the church and it's like 20-30 minutes in bus on a crazy road. We'll see what happens.

Ok, here's a few crazy things that have happened. I forgot to tell you that a member here in the area gave us caviar to eat one time. I couldn't help but think about Finding Nemo and those poor fish eggs that we were eating..... We've also eaten something called revolcado. Basically it's the skin and flesh from a pig's face. But I've eaten it three times now. And it's Hermana Ramos's fault. The first time was before she got switched from Los Olivos and we ate with a member. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't something that i liked. The second and third times were here in Martinico. She showed up here and thought that the lady just prepared it poorly in Los Olivos so she asked for more here. But then I show up and the lady that cooks our food made it for us.....I didn't like it this time because it had pepper, but I ate it. The third time was with another member, Lucky, and she made it well. Wow miracles happen.

Another thing. When we were in Chinautla Hermana Ramos decided to help some ladies that were washing their food in the little stream. She was going to carry part for them but it fell. It was chicken's we collected them all, washed them again, and then brought them to where they were cooking. So I touched chicken head. Something that I thought I would never do in my haha!!!

So we had transfers this week. Elder Richins went home!! We were sad but happy for him. There were three other elders that left our zone. But guess who came back. Elder Morán. I don't know if you remember him. He was in my first district with Elder Bronson. Then he was district leader for a short time. Well he's back. It was pretty cool. We're all back together again in the same zone. We never thought that would happen. Crazy!!

Also Hermana Cruz went home. It was sad.  I'm going to miss her.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Transfer Results

Things are going well here. Maritza is coming along. We're hoping to put a date with her again. She doesn't come to church though so we'll see how that goes. Carolina has kind of fallen through. She doesn't read the scriptures. I understand that she's super busy because she's a single mother and is trying to do everything but she doesn't realize how the church can help her. How reading the scriptures and praying everyday can help her so much. She knows that she needs something more but it's just hard. We haven't seen Diana the last week...It's a little disappointing but we're going to call her this week to find out how it's going with the house hunt and if she's going to be here soon.

We found some new people this week. We do have one person with a date to get baptized. Her name's Eunice and she searched us out. We found the dad this week and he's an old investigator and he said that the daughter wanted to find out more about the church and then she passed by our house to put an appointment with us to teach her. It was crazy but hopefully things go well with her. She wasn't able to go to church yesterday because of an activity in the school but she said this week she's go. We also found someone else, Marybel. She's has several missionaries in her house but a long time ago. We were able to teach her and she's really receptive to the message. And Seibi and Glenda are coming along well. They're really willing to read, go to activites, and everything. There was a little bit of a confusion yesterday for when the church started so they weren't able to go but they said definitely the next week.

We don't have transfers this time. I thought the same that Hermana Ramos would go but nope. So we've got some more time together! We're going to have 5 tranfers together unless we have more time after haha! It's crazy but it's good. I'm happy! And Hermana Cruz is going home this week...I'm a little sad! I love her tons and I'm going to miss her but this is how it goes.

The weather is a little weird right now. It rains and pours (a ton!!!!!!!) and then it's super hot during the day. Yeah I believe it that we're in a drought right now. Hermana Ramos said that she remembered that it rained a lot more last year. Yep Hermana Ramos is going to complete one year in the mission on Sepetember 21st! It's crazy! She said it was a lot colder as well. We'll see what happens this month. Hopefully it won't be too cold!

Love you tons!!!!!!!! Be safe!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of Investigators

We found some new investigators that are pretty interested. Saibi lives here but her sister and mom are here visiting. The sister Glenda will be here for a little bit of time but the mom's going to head back home soon. So we're going to work with Saibi and Glenda. We were able to bring them to the Relief Society activity this last week so hopefully everything went well with that. We're going to visit them again this week to find out how they felt and everything.

We're also teaching someone that was our date to get baptized but she fell through in like the first week. Her name's Maritza. She works for her cousin. And her cousin is Marybeth the wife of a soccer player. His name is Armando or El Abuelo and he plays for Las Cremas that's a team here in Guatemala. He's super cool and even more cool because he's a member of the church and he converted his wife and now the cousin is going to convert. It's pretty awesome. I'm hoping to buy a shirt for the team so that he can sign it for me. But they're all super nice.

As well we're teaching Carolina and her 4 children. The father died like 4 months ago or so. It's hard to teach her because they're always super busy but we're focusing a lot in the Book of Mormon so that she can have that convertion in her life.

And we're teaching a lady that I really enjoy to be with. Her name's Diana. Her husband is member but something happened in her life that she hasn't told us that has made her want to change. Her family is super important for her and she really likes the church. But she isn't converted so we really need to work with this. And she isn't married and doesn't understand why she needs to be married to be baptized. She wants to marry her husband but wants the marriage of her dreams but they don't have the money right now. But we feel that if she has that convertion, she's understand why she needs to get married.

Yep these are ones that we're really focusing on right now.

Today we went to the central market and bought stuff. It went pretty good. We were a little bored but we were able to take pictures and Hermana Ramos and I visited a few touristic buildings and took pictures. It was awesome

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya me voy mucha!! jajajaja

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Activities and Cow Tongue

The activity went really well!! The highlights are these. The high priests did a Rocky Balboa type thing. But it was also gospel based. they had two people that were going to fight and they showed a film before the fight. The two preparing to fight. One "Rocky" listened to the elder missionaries and learned about the gospel. the other trained and practiced. So then they came out to fight and of course "Rocky" won. hahahaha it was great! The Relief Society did a dance. It was to Book of Mormon Stories the primary song but in rock. haha it was awesome! They did it as a kind of husbands do you know what your wives do when they're home alone.... haha! The YW did a belly type dance but it wasn't like suductive type. They did really well for not having much time to prepare. And the YM did a skit for The Avengers but they convert to the gospel or something like that. We had more than 200 people! It was awesome and crazy!!! We the sister missionaries of course were in charge of the food because it was a mission activity. We ended up doing bread with ham, mayo, and ketchup and luckily it all went well. The others sisters helped us as well to put it all together but it was a little stressful to get all the food and everything. Wow I don't know how the leaders do all the activities. But it all went well! And we're happy.  

Also this week I ate something weird again. I've eaten the cow's brain and this week I ate the tongue. That's right the tongue. It was better than the brain but it was still a little weird. It was really smooth meat and I was just imagining the tongue in my mind as I was eating it....this was thanks to Hermana Ramos as well. Wow I really eat a lot of weird things when I'm with her. But I tell her that I always eat them just so that I can tell you guys after that I ate weird things haha!!!

It didn't rain this week but we were super busy with the activity and all of the plans and everything. We do have a really good family that we're teaching. I don't remember if I already told you but it's the family Bariento Gevara. They're awesome. Evangelists but not like strict in following it. They send up texts every once in a while to let us know that they love us and are thinking about us. They're reading the Book of Mormon and are doing great! We're super excited for them! We'll see what happens this week.

Sadly I don't have pictures of the activity because of course I forgot my camera.....

I hope you have a great week and I love you tons!!! Miss you!!!!

Sharon and Mishel

Alba and Karen (from Los Olivos)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Good Week

Things were good this week! So my area is bigger than Los Olivos and we walk more but it's a lot more level so we don't feel like we walk as much. Something funny is the house that we rent. The lady that owns the house has a virgen Mary in the front yard....and it's kind of big haha. It's all good though.

This week it rained a lot and it was a little hard to get out to work but we did alright. David is doing pretty good. We're not sure how really commited he is to investigating the church but he says so to the girlfriend and the mother. We'll see what happens. Carlos we haven't been able to find because he's only at home Friday in the afternoon until Sunday at 1pm. So that only gives us like Saturday to visit him but something always comes up. But we aren't going to give up on him.

We have a cool activity planned this Saturday. A talent night. It's going to be cool and hopefully the members will invite lots of people to come. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll send pictures as well. :) Congrats to Mandee who just got married even though she's just a patoja. Happy Birthday to Hayley, Rauna, and Lacey!!!!!!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New and Newer Investigators

This week went pretty well. A little crazy but good. We had our interviews with the President this week. Every transfer we either have interviews or we have zone conference so this transfer was interviews. They went pretty well. Everyone’s been getting a lot of sincho but it's necessary sometimes. We weren't able to put a date with Carlos for baptism because he's sick. Some people beat him up months ago and he's going through therapy. When he came to church a member came and picked him up in the car and then he had a wheelchair in the church but then when he went to the doctors he wasn't feeling to well and the doctor said that he can't go to church because it's too much stress and everything for him and it's make it so that he has more time to recuperate. So we can visit him and teach but we can't put a date....but it's all good. We're going to prepare him so that when he's ready he can get baptized.

I can't remember if I told you about David. He was an investigator in Los Olivos that we thought was golden (when I was companions with Hermana Ramos) but then he fell through and everything but we found him again and the family of his girlfriend just changed their house so that they live in our area. Like a street away from us! We're super excited and he wants to start up with the lessons again. He wants to marry his girlfriend and he wants to do it right with her. We're super excited to work with him again!!

I can't believe that summer's ending! It's crazy. I'm just a school year away from coming home haha. And I used to think the school was so long but I feel like it's going to pass by so fast!!!

This week we went to a part in our area that's called Chinautla. It's like 30 minutes in bus or hitchhiking haha. It's super pretty. It's like a pueblo. The people live in the mountains and they were the native clothes. It's really cool. The people are super nice as well. I'm really loving my new area. It was a little hard at first because it was my first change but I'm getting used to it now. Hermana Ramos and I are working well together. We're enjoying this time that we have together again.

I hope that everything goes well for you this week. Hopefully not too crazy! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My "New" Companion and Area

So this week was crazy. When we got the call to pack we packed almost all night on Sunday so that we would have more time to get everything figured out with the house and stuff. And we weren't really tired that night. Monday was alright. Tuesday was crazy as we ran around visiting people, dropping off pictures, telling them that the elders are going to visit them. It was nuts. I only cried at one house but I was really sad as we visited these people. I miss them. The members and investigators were amazing people. I love them tons. Then Wednesday we had the transfers. My new area is called Martinico and the news that you're waiting new Hermana Ramos. again. Yes I know it's crazy. I didn't believe it. We showed up and Hermana Ramos came out to help me with my stuff and she told me that she was my new companion and I didn't believe her until I asked and found out for myself. It's crazy. We didn't feel like it was real. I do have to say that I was a little worried at first because she was my trainer and I thought that maybe she'd treat me like I was still a baby in the mission but we haven't had any problems. I'm happy for this because I really grew a lot with Hermana Cruz. I really miss her but I know that I'm here for a reason. So far I like my area. There's parts like Los Olivos, residential, and there's parts really poor like the area of the elders. But it's really cool. So far I don't really know many people. We have one investigator, Carlos, that we found this week and he came to church. He's really receptive to the gospel and we're going to put a date with him so that he can get baptized. I also know a family, members, that they cook our food for us and we pay them. The lady cooks amazingly well. I love her food. The food here is so good. I'm enjoying this change and the transfer has been a little easier with Hermana Ramos. I do miss Los Olivos. But I'm working hard.

I love you all a ton! Be safe!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Transfer and 9 Month Mark

And the transfers are in. I have a transfer! And my companion as well! But......they're closing Los Olivos.......We heard that there's like 4 areas for the sisters that are closing this transfer. It's crazy! There's a ton of hermanas that have transfers this time. I have no idea where I'm going but I'll find out Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it, a little nervous but it will be good. I'm sad for Los Olivos because we have tons of investigators. We have a list and people that when we see them in the streets say hey I'll see on such and such day. All these amazing people. Lorena and Gabby. Sharon and Mishel. Karen and Alba. Amparo. Jackeline and Violetta. And so on and on and on. One of the Elders, Elder Reyes as well has a transfer. Elder Rodriguez is going to stay here and is going to be a proud father! He's going to train! And he's going to cover both areas. Another sad thing is that we have a mission activity this Saturday that we were working with the leaders to plan and now the ward only has Elder Rodriguez and the newbie. Who know how it'll turn out. In my district of 5 areas, two are closing. There aren't missionaries that are entering this mission and we're short. There were two pairs of sister missionaries in Polochik but they pulled them out and are going to put one pair of elders there. It's crazy. I'm going to miss Hermana Cruz in her last transfer in her mission. Well here we go.

 Also I'm completing 9 months in the mission Thursday!!!!! Half of my mission already passed by!! It's crazy! I still feel really new here in the mission and if I was an elder then I would still be pretty new but as a sister I'm entering the time of the more experienced. Yep that's not me haha.

This last week we worked hard. We ended up having 25 lessons with member this week which is a ton for us! 15 is the goal. We had a family home evening on Wednesday night and we were running around all day trying to get to the appointments and get everything ready for it. We worked hard and we're tired haha. Last night we packed after we got the call for if we had transfers or not because we have to call the owner and terminate the contract and everything. Crazy crazy crazy. Crazy week.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great in Los Olivos

This week was pretty good. My companion's doing better. The medicine was really hard for her the first few days but she’s doing good now. Already finished the treatment. We're working hard and had a good week. We weren't able to meet with Lizet again. We showed up and she was going to leave so we put another appointment and she wasn't there. And she didn't come to church again. We dropped her as a baptism date right now because we need to find out what's going on.

We're still working with Gaby but things are rough right now. The father really doesn't want anything to do with the church so we're just trying to work with Gaby and Lorena. Lorena isn't sure what she wants and we really need her to pray and read the scriptures so that she can feel that it's right. We also celebrated Gaby's birthday Saturday. She's 11 now! Almost in Young Women's.

We visited a family (members) this week to work on asking for references and it was super spiritual. They talked about their conversion and how they feel about the church. I love the feeling that you get when they talk about this stuff. The joy that you can feel. I'm so grateful to be a part of the church. How happy we are. The knowledge that we have. I love it. My testimony has grown so much in the mission. I really am happy to be here. Sometimes it's hard but we push through.

We're still working with the family Gutierrez. We weren't able to visit them this last week either but we have a family home evening tonight that I hope doesn't fall through. They really are great and can be strong in the gospel.

We're working with two youth that are investigators from before. Sharon and Mishel. I don't know if you remember Sharon. We had high hopes for her before and she fell through. But we're working with them again. Sharon really is trying to find the right church. And Mishel is asking her mom for skirts to go to church so I think they're really working for it this time.

Los Olivos is doing well. I'm really happy to be here. We also have a new investigator this week. A recent convert, Alba, that's going to complete one year in the church in August, her daughter, Karen, is finally starting to investigate the church. She wants to believe but there's a lot of stuff that she doesn't understand. There's also lots of stuff that's happening in her life. Alba has a boyfriend and they're going to get married at the end of this year. So that's really hard for Karen to have her mom marry. But she's super smart. She reminds me of Anna because she's also studying chemistry. She came to church this last week for an hour so we were super excited.

I hope that everything goes well for you this week!!! Have a great holiday. Happy Birthday to Dad yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Muchas mujeres, están sirviendo misiones. Muchas están preparándosepara servir; no porque no están casadas o que no tienen nada que hacer, esporque tienen un deseo de servir y son llamados a la obra. La razón por la quehay bastantes hermanas misioneras es porque en la próxima generación, nuestroPadre Celestial enviará a su ejército del sacerdocio a la tierra. Él quiereenviarles a madres quienes hayan recibido el entrenamiento apropiado y hayansido enseñadas en el evangelio. Y cuan mayor entrenamiento pueda recibir una mujerque el de servir una misión.” –Presidente Gordon B. Hinckley

 I don't know if you can do a translate thing on this quote but it's great and I love it for girl missionaries.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zone Conference

Things have been pretty good here. Last week as I said we went to central market and was pretty cool. We got some good pictures. This week at church we only had one investigator haha. Wow how things change. The family Gutierrez didn't make it because we couldn't meet with them last week. Yeah 5 kids is a lot in Los Olivos. It's normal to have two or three. So five is like huge. When I first saw this family I thought wow that's a ton of kids and then they said there were five. Oh that's like my family haha! They're great though. The kids are super smart and always read. Lizet is doing great. She wants this change. But she didn't make it to church because it was her son's birthday... We were a little disappointed.

We need your help this week. We were working with Gaby and we asked her and her mother to talk to the father about her getting baptized. He said no. So if you guys could pray for her that would really help us a lot. Gaby is really special for us and the mom, Lorena, is the best. We really care for them and they care for us.

Also my companion is a little sick. She's got an ulcer thanks to Guatemala North Mission. And she's got a bunch of medication that she's got to take. So if you could pray for her too. I think she's getting better but we'll see when she finishes the pills. And because my companion has an ulcer she can't eat many things. Like fat, fried foods, or chili. And I feel bad to eat other things if she can't. It's like haha watch me eat this delicious piece of fried chicken as you eat your cooked chicken without flavor. So I eat basically the same stuff as her. One day we ate almost straight vegetables haha. But we've been eating healthier this week like fruits and and stuff. It's really good haha. I've eaten like three mangos this week. I've decided that I love mango. Add that to the huge list of food that I love from Guatemala haha.

We also had zone conference this week. It was really good. It was a lot more interactive this time which was great. Our assistants to the president are great as well. Elder Nelson and Elder Saavedra really know how to love the people. Hermana Watts was great as usually and gave us cinnamon rolls as usual. Yummy! And President Watts is inspired as always.

I've learned how to make a few things here. It'll be a little hard to do them at home but we'll see how it goes. The beans I have no idea. I know I need to learn how to cook them but they take time to cook and that's something that we don't have too much of. We'll see though.

The weather's been hot here. I'm going to come home all tanned haha. Unless I go to Coban at some point and then I'll come home white because it's always cloudy and rainy there. And there went July. Wow I can't believe how fast it's passed by. Love you all!! Be safe!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pacas and Fireworks

Here we have places called pacas. They're little stores that sell clothes, almost anything that you would buy at the store but not food and that kind of stuff. They're awesome. You can get really good deals on clothes and other stuff. Then there's the Megapaca. And it's a huge store like Ross's but bigger and it's full of clothes to find and you can get some good deals there as well.

This week was good. We went to the North American's house for the 4th of July. I don't remember if I told you her name but it's Talia and she's 24 years old I believe. She just had a baby but she's my hero. She married a Guatemalteco and lives here now. I have a lot of respect for her. She gave us apple crisp and ice cream and they did fireworks.

We're still working with Gabby and her mom, Lorena. We're really trying to build their testimonies and as well with Juan Josè. We're also working with a sister, Lizet, who's spouse is member and has entered the temple but he critiques the church a lot and they've had a few problems with members of the ward and such but she accepts a goal to work towards being baptized on the 4th of August. We're super excited for her and we know that things will go well. We're also working with a family of 6 and the grandma. The mom and her 5 kids, Family Gutierrez. It's not very often that you see families that big here. But the kids are all super smart and they read the stuff and we're hoping to get them to go to church this week.

This last Tuesday we ate a ton of food. I mean a ton!!!! We ate lunch with Yajaira and she gave us a full plate of food. Rice, beans (by the way I love beans), fish, and a salad of vegetables, and tortillas (by the way I love tortillas as well and don't know what I'll do when I come home...). Then that night we ate with some members Hermano and Hermana Sique. We ate beef cooked over the grill (delicious), rice, beans (I love her beans), tortillas, salad, bread, and it was so good. But I ended so full that I was full for days. I love the food here.

We went to the central market today. I didn't buy much but there was some pretty good stuff. I've heard that it's better to buy in other areas like Coban (home of the pacas) and Peten. Hopefully I get the chance to visit these areas but we'll see.

Yep that was my week here. We had 6 investigators in the sacrament meeting this week which was awesome for us. Hope you all have a great week. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weather, Pictures, and More

They don’t celebrate the 4th of July here, but there's a North American here, Talia, and she's going to have a small party for the 4th so if we have time we're going to pass by, see some fireworks, and eat pie! I want the pie! I'm excited :)

Yajaira's baptism went really well!!!! We had a really good turn out for the baptisms here and it was even raining (or pouring). But it was good!!! She's really doing well!
Wow sounds crazy all the fires going on there. The weather here's been crazy. Hot some days and cold others. The sun's been burning hot lately. When it's not raining the sun burns. We got a little burned this week but not very much. Like those first few days in spring when you go outside and get burned even though it's not that hot outside. But it's all good. I like the days with the sun more than the days with the rain.

Sorry not much happened this week.  Love you lots and have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Cruz and Carolina.  Carolina is waiting for her mission call!!!

Hermana Cruz by our house.  Ours is the oe with the white door and the rocks (to the right of Hermana Cruz).

Hermana Cruz on our service day.

Elder Reyes and Elder Rodriquez on our service day.

Some of the Guatemalan children.

Elder Eskelson, Hermana Cruz, Yajaira, Mariela, and me.

Baptism day with Yajaira!

My boots come in handy here.  It's crazy, the rain, here sometimes.  When there's thunder and lightning you know it's going to pour.  there was a really loud one the other day that was really close by, but luckily we were inside a house.  But we really jumped haha.


Hermana Cruz!

Amo la misiòn ahorita. Es chilero y aprendo mucho. Quiero darle mi testimonio que sè que la iglesia es verdadera. Sè que estamos aquì por una razon muy especial. Sè que Jesucristo vive y es mi Salvador. Sè que tenemos el poder aquì en la tierra. El Sacerdocio fue restaurado en la tierra por medio de Josè Smith. Sè que las familias puedan ser eternas. Y espero por el dìa cuando yo puedo hacer convenios con mi espeso en el temple por tiempo y por toda la eternidad. Les amo mucho!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Telephones and a Shower!!!

Finally yes we got a telephone!! It's super exciting!! It makes things so much easier. We got it on Saturday. We're going to buy a shower today. It's not too bad to shower in cold water when it's hot outside but we've had a few cold days this week and it's not that fun.

Yajaira made it to church so she's going to get baptized this Saturday!!!! It's super exciting!!. She's doing great! She already knows a bunch of members so it's going really good. This is really helping her a lot in her life. She feels good and we can see it as well on the outside. God is blessing her.

Mariela's still so-so. She didn't go to church again this week because there was problems with her daughter Jeymmi but we really don't know what to do with her. She doesn't have a problem with her family because they live in Nicaragua and if you knew Mariela you would know that it doesn't matter too much what they think about her religion. Daniela's doing good even though her family doesn't like the church. She's gotten a lot stronger since she joined the church and has been able to stand up to her sons a little. It's really helped her a lot.

Congrats to Chris on his engagement!!!

This week was pretty good. We found someone that said that we had passed by and that we had taught her how to sing the hymns and we sang exactly the same song with her. But I know that we hadn't ever visited her before. It's crazy. Hermana Cruz said that this has happened to her before. It was pretty cool though. We're going to meet with her again this week. Hopefully it goes well!

Happy birthday to Chad and Linda Hansen!!

Hope you have a great week! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


                                Hermana Ramos, Elder Rodriquez, Elder Reyes, and Hermana Nielsen

                                             Hermana Ramos, Daniela, Hermana Nielsen

                                                      Hermana Nielsen (with short hair!)

Hermana Cruz at the Guatemala City Temple

Elder Rodriquez, Elder Reyes, Hermana Cruz, and Hermana Nielsen at Wendy's after their temple visit

Elder Rodriquez and Hermana Cruz in the taxi coming back from the temple

Elder Reyes in the taxi

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Transfers for Me!

And the results are in..............there aren't transfers. So I'm here in Los Olivos another transfer. Well I've completed 4 transfers here and on to the 5th. I'm happy that I'm still here with Hermana Cruz. I've really learned a lot from her and I'm sure I'll learn a lot more. We had a pretty good week. This Tuesday a general authority came and spoke to us. Elder Maynez, a 70. It was really good. He talked to us about 2 gifts that God gave us. Jesus and the Holy Ghost. He really talked a lot about the Holy Ghost. The importance of it and what he does. He also talked about the celestial kingdom. It was funny because he asked, "What's it like in the celestial kingdom?" Well we don't know what it's like. So he said, "Then why does everyone want to go there?" hahaha. Yeah we really don't know what it's like there but we all want to go. But it was a really good talk and he did a really good job. He spoke in Spanish. He served as a mission president in a Spanish speaking mission but hasn't spoken Spanish in 12 years. He did a really good job. It was awesome.

And speaking of this conference we were all together, the three missions in the capital (north, south, central) and the CCM! All the missionaries in the capital were all together and it was awesome. And I ran into ELDER BURPO!!! It was crazy!!! He's already got 23 months in the mission and is going home next month!! Wow crazy!!!! But it was awesome to see him and he's doing great!

Guess what we haven't had a telephone in the house for 2 weeks now. It stinks because it's really hard to set up appointments with members without a telephone. And those Sundays we have to borrow a member's phone or use a public telephone to call to report the numbers for the week. This weekend with the transfers a member let us borrow their cell phone for the night which was really nice of them.

Yajaira wasn't able to attend church this week because she had to work because or Father's Day. We were kind of disappointed but the baptism's on for the 30th now. But it's all good. My convert Mariela is now less active. She attend church one time in the last 6 weeks. I'm not very happy with her but we really don't know what to do. I'm a little bit frustrated but we'll see what happens this transfer.

I think they have Youth Conference here. I know they're all saving money to go to Coban this next month. But they don't go camping like we do.

I love you all a ton!!! Hope everything goes well!!