Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This week went well. We were able to meet with Hugo and his family, Odet and Jonathan. They're doing well. This week we won't be able to see them because they have to go to the capital but hopefully they'll make it to church. Max and is family are doing alright. The son isn't getting better. The hospital kicked him out because they said that they can't do anything more for him so he's not in there anymore. It's really sad because he's really not doing well. We're thinking that most likely he's going to die... We talked with the family about the Plan of Salvation and they felt a little better but there's really not anything that us or them can do. It's up to God now as to what happens with him.

Osbin is doing great. They're getting excited to get married so that he can get baptized.

We get our investigators here by contacting and by reference. Poptún is huge!!!!! We have a branch and there's four of us missionaries. The district leader, Elder Child, and his companion, Elder Gamez, and us. But the area is huge. To get to Machaquilá where Hugo and Max live we have to take a bus or tuktuk (a tuktuk is like a mini carriage. I don't know how to describe it. It's got three wheels and reminds me of a motorcycle but it's got the seat in front and then seats behind and it's covered. That's the normal transport here. I'll get a picture of it to show you.) and it's like 20-30 minutes away. When we walk to church on Sundays it's like half an hour walking. So it's pretty big but I love it!! It's like a pueblo. Most of the streets are dirt and it's really different from the capital. In the capital the houses are connected and they don't have front yards or back yards. The houses here and more spread out a little like farm area but smaller. There's a ton of trees and there's more humidity here. I'm loving loving loving it. We had interviews this week with the president and I told him that I never want to go back haha!

Wow sounds like Dan had a great time!

We had a slight problem this week. For the last like two weeks the last of the wisdom teeth or Hermana Garambel, and the only that they didn't pull, decided that it wants to come out. But it's giving her a ton of pain like there's something that isn't quite right. So Sunday night we headed into the capital where we are right now. She'll be going in for her appointment in a few hours and hopefully everything goes well so that we can work these last two weeks. I just really hope that she feels better because she's had a rough last few days. And then we'll be going back tonight about at 9pm.

I hope that you all enjoy Thanksgiving. I really wouldn't have known Thanksgiving was this week but the elders asked if I was going to do something. I said no. But because I came to capital they all wanted rootbeer so I bought a bunch so that we can celebrate. Maybe I can find some ice cream somewhere as well..... But I hope that things go well. Enjoy your pies and all the food!
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a picture of my district after the interviews.  we were trying to get jalón (hitchhike).
Left to right it's Elder Rojas, Elder Córdova, Elder Child, Elder Lowe, Elder Gamez, and Hermana Garambel. And the one sitting down is Elder Mijangos. That's my district!!

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