Monday, May 27, 2013

See You Soon!!!

Well the transfers are in......and the results are......I don't have a transfer! No I'm just joking. It's the only transfer that I've been sure of haha! Yep. companion has a transfer as well. Always staying outside of the capital so she'll probably end up in the Mission Cobán. We couldn't believe it. She's really sad and cried some but she slept on it and feels a little better now. I'm going to be going to the capital on Wednesday at 2am! Wow! And of course we don't ever sleep waiting because we talk and talk and then it's time so maybe I'll sleep a few hours that day haha!

We had a good week! Lucia and Evelyn got baptized! And it went super well! They're really happy. But now with this news we feel bad because we're both just going to drop them. Luckily the hermano that gave us the reference will take care of them. But it's sad. They're the best though. They'll be alright.

Marta did come back but we'll see what happens with here because she didn't make it to church this week. It's super hard knowing that we're going to drop the area like this. We can't even show the new hermanas a few things and tell them a few things to get them started with the area. It's worse than when they closed Los Olivos. I guess it's in God's hands...

As well Elder Sainz our ZL has a transfer so only Elder Burton will stay here in the area of us four from the ward.

We have so many people that we have a really good relationship with. Many have become our Mom's haha. (Of course they never take your real place, just for now until I come back ;))

I started to pack a little. I have most of my clothes packed, and my books are organized so I know which are coming home. I think I'll be bringing home less stuff than I thought but we'll see in the end. Possibly I'm going to be leaving my bed stuff or some of them for the space and all.

We played soccer again! And it was awesome! I really like to play with the elders. They make it lots of fun!

Well I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon! So that I can show you all the pics and all the stuff! It'll be great! And I'll learn how to speak pure English again hahahahaha!

Love you and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 days.............. XD
Lucia and Evelyn's Baptism!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Full Week!

We had a good week. We're really working hard with Lucia and Evelyn and they're excited to get baptized this Saturday. They were able to go to a baptism this last Saturday to see what it's like and they already decided who they want to baptize them. The brother that gave us the reference, Rodrigo, is going to do it. But they're so much fun! Everything's going well. Our other baptismal date, Marta, went home to visit her family so we're waiting for her to come back (hopefully today) to keep teaching her and getting her ready. But she likes the church. Also the family that she works for, Dunia, is reactivating. She's doing super good. Passing a few hard things right now but she's happy and trying to progress.

We had a pretty good week with the conference. It was super great with Elder Martino. We really learned a lot and some of the things were so easy but really insightful to help us out. Of course there was super good food, my companion with her cake, and I was able to see Elder Reyes that I hadn't seen since August. But it really went well.

These last two p-days have been pretty good. Here in Coban the sisters play soccer with the elders and it's awesome. Usually they don't really let us play. We get to touch the ball if by chance it passes by close to us. But last week and this week we really got to play. I decided that soccer is pretty fun! Last week I made two goals and this week I made one and helped with two others! Really awesome! I hope that we play next week......:D

But yeah I'm looking forward to working hard this week so that I can come home well!

Talk to you next week! And remember that I love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day week

We had a good week like I told you. We put the three new baptismal dates. Like I told you with Lucia and Evelyn (the mom and daughter) for the 25th and Otto (11 years old) for the 8th of June. Otto is super good! He's come to church 4 times alone. His family doesn't come and he didn't come with the member that are his neighbors. We couldn't believe it when he showed up. Lucia and Evelyn are doing great as well. The showed up this week just for a little because they had another appointment or something that they had to go to but they said that this next week they would stay for the whole thing.

Apart from this you already know that mother's day the 10th was good here. I got to share a cake and the Saturday I was sick :( but I'm all better now. And Sunday I got to talk to you all.

I'm looking forward to this week because we have a big conference with three other zones. Elder Martino, one of the area presidency, is going to be speaking to us all. It'll be great!

Well I hope that you all have a great week and love you tons and tons and tons!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goals for the Future

We had a good week! We had some new investigators come to church. We hadn't really talked to them because the speak mostly Q'eqchi' so we had just set up something so that they could come to church. One of the elders talked to them and asked when they were going to get baptized and they said that they didn't know. He asked how about in three weeks. They said that's fine. So we possibly are going to have baptisms in three weeks. Who know?! But we're working hard.

This week I had to write down my goals for 10 years down the road. I thought that it would have been harder but nope. I also had to write down spiritual experiences and good and bad attributes that I have, also attributes that I want in my future husband, and attributes that I'll bring to my marriage. It was crazy! But I got it all done.

We also had interview this week. This transfer was time for the interviews. I had my interview with Hermana Watts like normal but almost the whole thing was about getting ready to go home. What I'll have to do when I go home. Advice for how to stay strong like I am here in the mission and always staying in the church. But what scared me the most was when she talked about when you reach the point that you want to marry someone and what you should really look for. Wow that was a shock!!! I wasn't ready for that one. And it made me remember that, oh yeah now the real life begins. Nope sorry I don't think I'm coming home anymore......;) haha!

I'm looking forward to this week. One family invited us to visit them on Friday because it's Mother's Day and one of their daughter's birthdays. Then they found out that it's mine as well so they said that we had to come haha. It'll be a good week!! Thanks for the birthday present!

Thanks for everything and I hope that you have a great week!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Been So Good!

We had a pretty good week. The golden investigators didn't get baptized because when we talked with the ZLs they said that we had to make sure and talk with the mission office and everything. Because the ward told us to baptize them and our leaders said to do the other. So we're waiting to find out what happens with all or this. We had a really good Sunday. Weird, I know. It started out bad. All of the appointments fell through. Then we walked around looking for someone. In the afternoon like at 6pm we left with a member and she really helped us out. We were able to find people to teach. New investigators. Part-families that are members and part that aren't. One guy named Victor that wants to come back to the church but wasn't sure what to do. We came as an answer to his prayers. We're super excited to work with him and his family. We've been receiving lots of references this week and it's really helped a lot to work with them members to contact them and to have lessons. This ward is really super great and are helping us a ton.

The family Caal fell through. They really don't want anything. It's sad because they don't know what they're losing but they just won't do anything. Here's a picture when we were visiting them with a youth from the ward. Here name's Diana. She helps us a lot. I really have the best ward here in the mission right now. We're getting a lot of help from them. They visit them with us. And right now we just found some good ones that we're really looking forward to working here this week. Wow I never knew that the work could be so good. I also never knew it could be so stressful haha! Worrying about who's going to visit them with you and if they're progressing and everything. It's a great life! :)

Well I hope that you all have a great great week! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hermana Hotel

It was hot here. It rained one day and was a little chilly but then it's hot again. We're in summer right now! But they tell us that it's going to start raining in May again because that's the rainy season. Why?!?! It's all good......

We had a better week. A lot better than we thought we had. There were transfers this week and our house in the one most central for the sisters so we were the hotel this week. The ZLs told us that we were the ZLs this week for the hermanas haha. We had sisters Tuesday night for those that were going to the capital for their transfers and their companions stayed with us. We had to go at 2 in the morning to drop them off with their stuff. So basically we didn't sleep that night because we were all talking until it was time. Then in the afternoon the new companions came from the capital. Two stayed in our house that night and then the next morning at 6 they left for their area. And apart from this we were able to work some.

We're still working with the Family Caal. They're really tough. Cesar is the most willing of the brothers. He likes the activities and he likes church and all. He reads as well. We'll see what happens this week.

Two of the four that had missing records are going to get baptized. They found two of them but the others are gone. So this Sunday we'll have two baptisms for our golden investigators.

Marta is doing great. She likes the church and the members that she lives with, Hans and Dunia, are reactivating. We have to talk with Dunia because they need to get married but it's a goal for them. The problem is the goal that they had passed by....but we're going to talk to them.

I'm doing good here. Looking forward to the next few weeks here in this area. I love it here and I love my companion so things are good.

I hope that you have a great week and love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Transfer

This week was alright. We didn't have as many successes as we wanted but we were able to have a good day yesterday. All the appointments we had all fell through and we didn't know what to do. Finally on Sunday we called and talked to the dad of the Family Caal and he said that they would come to church so we passed by their house to bring them. The dad wasn't there and the family had no idea what we were talking about. So we went back to the church (we live like two houses away from it) and we really discouraged.  On top of that, when the meetings started Marta wasn't there. We had had a really good lesson with the less active members that she works and lives with and they were going to bring her and they didn't show up. My companion and I were super disappointed. We were fasting because it was fast Sunday and I started to pray. I just wanted to go back to the house and cry. But then Marta and the family showed up. That made things better. Also when the third hour of church was starting, we had already headed for the Relief Society, and one of the elders came and got us and said that we had a family of investigators there. We couldn't believe it and when we saw them it was the family Caal. We felt so much better. After a horrible week and then this, we didn't know what to do. But this made everything better. In divisions I was able to visit the family Caal with a couple that speak Q'eqchi' that were able to really explain the church and meetings and everything to them. I really didn't understand anything.....but another member that was with us explained to me what she understood of what they were saying and it was super good to help them come back to the church.

Things are going well here. The other lady, Gladis Caal, that lives on the side of Dunia (the family that Marta works for) is going alright. Her husband doesn't want anything and she isn't sure what she's going to do. We have a FHE planned for her with Dunia, the family, and Marta so we hope that that goes well.

We're possibly going to baptize this month because there's like 4 people that don't show up in the church records, so we're going to baptize them haha. What do you say to free baptisms haha! But it's good though. One is a less active that we're working with that's really working on coming back and we were worried that maybe she has problems with chastity so that makes it easier to bring up the topic because they have to pass the baptismal interview.

Well you all know that I'm doing great and I'm happy so I hope that you're all doing well. Be safe and love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and my companion and I didn't have transfers. Yes Hermana Ramos (my first companion) goes home on Thursday and today she's been with us. It's been nice to see her.