Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Been So Good!

We had a pretty good week. The golden investigators didn't get baptized because when we talked with the ZLs they said that we had to make sure and talk with the mission office and everything. Because the ward told us to baptize them and our leaders said to do the other. So we're waiting to find out what happens with all or this. We had a really good Sunday. Weird, I know. It started out bad. All of the appointments fell through. Then we walked around looking for someone. In the afternoon like at 6pm we left with a member and she really helped us out. We were able to find people to teach. New investigators. Part-families that are members and part that aren't. One guy named Victor that wants to come back to the church but wasn't sure what to do. We came as an answer to his prayers. We're super excited to work with him and his family. We've been receiving lots of references this week and it's really helped a lot to work with them members to contact them and to have lessons. This ward is really super great and are helping us a ton.

The family Caal fell through. They really don't want anything. It's sad because they don't know what they're losing but they just won't do anything. Here's a picture when we were visiting them with a youth from the ward. Here name's Diana. She helps us a lot. I really have the best ward here in the mission right now. We're getting a lot of help from them. They visit them with us. And right now we just found some good ones that we're really looking forward to working here this week. Wow I never knew that the work could be so good. I also never knew it could be so stressful haha! Worrying about who's going to visit them with you and if they're progressing and everything. It's a great life! :)

Well I hope that you all have a great great week! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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