Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hermana Hotel

It was hot here. It rained one day and was a little chilly but then it's hot again. We're in summer right now! But they tell us that it's going to start raining in May again because that's the rainy season. Why?!?! It's all good......

We had a better week. A lot better than we thought we had. There were transfers this week and our house in the one most central for the sisters so we were the hotel this week. The ZLs told us that we were the ZLs this week for the hermanas haha. We had sisters Tuesday night for those that were going to the capital for their transfers and their companions stayed with us. We had to go at 2 in the morning to drop them off with their stuff. So basically we didn't sleep that night because we were all talking until it was time. Then in the afternoon the new companions came from the capital. Two stayed in our house that night and then the next morning at 6 they left for their area. And apart from this we were able to work some.

We're still working with the Family Caal. They're really tough. Cesar is the most willing of the brothers. He likes the activities and he likes church and all. He reads as well. We'll see what happens this week.

Two of the four that had missing records are going to get baptized. They found two of them but the others are gone. So this Sunday we'll have two baptisms for our golden investigators.

Marta is doing great. She likes the church and the members that she lives with, Hans and Dunia, are reactivating. We have to talk with Dunia because they need to get married but it's a goal for them. The problem is the goal that they had passed by....but we're going to talk to them.

I'm doing good here. Looking forward to the next few weeks here in this area. I love it here and I love my companion so things are good.

I hope that you have a great week and love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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