Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer and Winter

Can't believe that Jacob's going to graduate this week!! School's ending, summer's starting, and we're entering winter here in Guatemala with the rain haha. It's all good though. It's been a little chilly but good. It didn't rain too much this week but yesterday it poured! The boots are great. And the rain coat too.

Guess what? We went to the temple this week!!!!!!! It was great!!!! I love the temple! And I'm always going to go after the mission!! We weren't able to have p'day yesterday for the temple visit so we have p'day today! Yesterday was a little hard to work because we were tired and ready for p'day but it's all good. We got up at 4:30 this morning to go to the temple. Wow the sacrifices we make for the temple haha. No not really a sacrifice. Lots of people travel a lot longer. But it was great.

Yajaira's doing pretty good. We put a date with her for the 23 of June. She wasn't able to attend church this week but she still has time to be baptized. Hopefully she'll go this week. We know that she's got problems financially so we're trying to help her out. We weren't able to meet with Sharon or Mishel this week so we weren't able to put dates with them but we'll see this week. We had a pretty good week this last week. We did have one weird day this week where nobody was a home and we got rejected all day but the rest of the week was good.

Hope everything goes good for you guys this weekEveryone ready to enjoy the summer? Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Investigators

Sounds like you had a great week!! Things are going good here. We have a few perspective investigators that we're hoping to put some dates with for baptisms. We're really working hard. We were able to meet the goal of 11 new investigators this week! But now we start again haha. But we're really working hard. I love my new companion Hermana Cruz. She's really teaching me a lot especially scriptures to help with the lessons and different ways to explain things so that they understand. Especially how to love the people even more. How to go that extra mile.

The English classes are going good. I think that Elder Reyes teaches them better than me though haha because he's learned how to speak English and I don't remember how I learned English. It was so long ago haha. And I've forgotten a lot. People will ask me questions and I can't remember the word in English or what something's called or something like that. But it's all good haha. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I've been talking a lot on the phone with the investigators so it's getting better.
We have a really good investigator, Yajaira, that we're hoping to put a date with this week. We also have two youth, Sharon and Mishele, that we're hoping to put a date with as well. Daniela is doing well and going strong in the church. Her family is softening a little and aren't quite as bad about the church as at first but I think they'll come around eventually. She's really going strong and learning as much as she can.

It rained almost this whole last week. We're gettting into the rainy months. It makes it a little bit harder to find people but now we're knocking on a lot of doors.

I love you all a ton! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transfers and Mother's Day

The transfers were good. I was a little sad to lose Hermana Ramos but I have a great new companion. Her name is Hermana Cruz and she's got time in the mission. She's going to complete 15 months in the mission on the 23rd. After this transfer she's only got two more. She's from Honduras. And I'm really excited to have her here in Los Olivos. She's had a year outside of the capital so the change has been a little hard for her because the people are a lot harder in the capital. Outside they're really giving and always open the door, give food, etc. But here it's a lot different but she's got a lot of ideas and we're working hard to find new people to teach.  I'm really excited to have my new companion.

I had a good birthday! My birthday is Mother's Day here. We just had a normal day. Searched for new investigators. When we got home I felt a teeny bit sad but Hermana Ramos called and wished me a happy birthday, and after that Elders Reyes and Rodriguez called, and after that Elder MorĂ n called. I was super grateful for my family here. I can't be with you but they were able to be here with me. Well call on the phone haha. But it was good!
Love you all tons!!!!!! Pray for us so that we can find new investigators!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The transfer is........Hermana Ramos is going and I'm staying here. It will be good. I'm sad that Hermana Ramos is leaving me because seriously she's like my sister. But I know the change will be good. I know I'll learn to love my new companion and we'll learn and grow together as well.

Right now the potential investigators are possible the daughter of Mariela- Jaymmi (pronounced Jaime), an old investigator Dina, and Brenda. There's still that family that we found as well. We ran into them this week so hopefully we'll be able to find them in their house so we can find out if they want more or not.
Wow it's crazy to think that I only have one year left in the mission. But I'll get to call home like two weeks before I come home haha. That'll be nice. I think. Or it will be hard for the last two weeks. Oh well I'll be happy to call home. heehee

My district leader, Elder Eskelsen, is going to train these next two cambios, Elder Centeno is leaving. Elder Reyes is still in his training so him and his companion Elder Rodriguez are still here. And then we have transfers. I'm a little bit nervous for the transfers but it should be good.
Hey I hope you have a great week and love you all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Pretty Good Week

My week was pretty good. We were able to work with Daniela some more and we're going to baptize her on the 8th of May (the day before the transfers). Brenda fell through because we didn't feel like she's really progressing because she wants to. She's living in a member’s home and we think that she's just joining because she's willing to do whatever they say so we're taking a step back to see if it's really something that she wants or if it's just for the member. We didn't meet with the family.
The English classes went well. I taught the beginning class and it went really well. We had fun and they learning how to greet a person, what's their favorite color, and what's their favorite food. It was really good.

No, we didn't eat cow brains but we're going to eat them this week.

Hey hope you have a great week!!!! Love you tons!!!!!!!