Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Investigators

Sounds like you had a great week!! Things are going good here. We have a few perspective investigators that we're hoping to put some dates with for baptisms. We're really working hard. We were able to meet the goal of 11 new investigators this week! But now we start again haha. But we're really working hard. I love my new companion Hermana Cruz. She's really teaching me a lot especially scriptures to help with the lessons and different ways to explain things so that they understand. Especially how to love the people even more. How to go that extra mile.

The English classes are going good. I think that Elder Reyes teaches them better than me though haha because he's learned how to speak English and I don't remember how I learned English. It was so long ago haha. And I've forgotten a lot. People will ask me questions and I can't remember the word in English or what something's called or something like that. But it's all good haha. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I've been talking a lot on the phone with the investigators so it's getting better.
We have a really good investigator, Yajaira, that we're hoping to put a date with this week. We also have two youth, Sharon and Mishele, that we're hoping to put a date with as well. Daniela is doing well and going strong in the church. Her family is softening a little and aren't quite as bad about the church as at first but I think they'll come around eventually. She's really going strong and learning as much as she can.

It rained almost this whole last week. We're gettting into the rainy months. It makes it a little bit harder to find people but now we're knocking on a lot of doors.

I love you all a ton! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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