Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Guatemala (new mtc address)

The flight was only about 4 and a half hours long from L. A. to Guatemala so of course I only got like maybe 2 hours of sleep. It was really easy getting through all the customs and everything. They all seemed really tired and bored to be there.  After we got here we ate breakfast and then they let us sleep til lunch so we got another 3 hours of sleep. Only one person´s luggage got mixed up. Mine got through fine.

Here´s the MTC address
Rebecka Leona Nielsen
Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1. Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Things are going well. We've taught our investigator 5 times in about 6 days. Sometimes I think we're getting better and then he'll talk back and then I just kind of look at him. We did find out for sure that he isn't a real investigator which is a huge relief because I don't want to be responsible for his nonconvertion. The language is hard but it's kind of coming along. We're trying.

 My companion is from Colorado, Fort Laterdell I think (don't quote me on this). We have the best district ever. There are two other sister Hermanas Madsen and Cahill. They are super cool and they're going to the New York, New York South mission. We also have 4 elders in our district. Elders Hogge and Verhagen are also going to the same New York mision. Then we have elders Moore and Chapell who are going to the Dallas, Texas mission. I didn't know there were so many missionaries that went to the states with other languages. Everyone is so cool!

I'm glad grandma's knee went well! I don't really have a lot of time here at the MTC.  They only give us a half hour on the computer. Hopefully when I get into the field I'll have more time. Hopefully I'll be able to send you a picture of my district once it gets printed. I hope everything is going well and I love you all so much!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Week in the MTC

So I've been in the MTC for roughly four days and we have done so much!! We've already taught an investigator in Spanish and we're doing it again tonight. It's good though. I hope things are going well for everyone. Congrats to Mary for her call!! That's awesome!! :) And happy birthday to Duane this week. Love you all! Becky

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Officially a Missionary

Becky's officially a missionary now, and ready to go.  Here is her mailing address for Guatemala.

Rebecka Leona Nielsen
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
5° Avenida 5-55, edificio Euro Plaza
Torrel, Nivel 12 Oficina 1202B, Zona 14
Guatemala City
Telephone: 502 2385-3386

Make sure you put the telephone # on it for packages.

The pouch service address is:

Rebecka Leona Nielsen
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150

It leaves the Church on Fridays.  Remember she will be in the MTC for three weeks in Provo and then in the Guatemala MTC for 6 weeks after that.