Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

I can't believe that snow back home! I told Dad this but right now I can't even imagine snow. It's hot here. Yep we're sweating a ton. Drinking tons of water. Sometimes you shower at night because it's hot....but we're doing good haha! I always tell Anna to send me some cool air so that we don't die down here. I don't know what the temperature is here but it's got to be in the 90s. And with the dirt roads we have feet nice and tan at the end of the day for the dust haha!

 So this transfer we have 7 weeks because of the mission area changes that they're doing so this week is week 7 and next week are the transfers. We'll see what happens. It could be that I go, my companion goes, or we get a third. All we know is that like 40 missionaries are going to be entering this transfer. Maybe more.

Daniel is definitely coming along well. He finished the Book of Mormon. He's going to get baptized this Saturday!! He has a goal to graduate from institute and then convert his family to the gospel because he knows that it can really help them. We're so proud of him. He was so cute one day because we were talking about him getting baptized and he has such a hunger to learn that he asked if we were going to finish teaching him before his baptism. We said yes and he asked what would happen after, if we would stop visiting. We told him that we would keep visiting and that others would visit as well. He was happy haha! Tonight we're going to have family home evening with his family and Nilza's family (the girl that left for the mission).

We're also working with Marisol and Charlotte. We put a date with them to get baptized but this Sunday they couldn't come to church. We're not really sure what's going to happen with them because they're kids so it's alittle bit harder.

The family Flores made it to church again this Sunday so that was good. We're not really sure what to do with them because the parents really don't have much interest in learning more but they keep going because the son likes it. We're going to try focusing on just him and see what happens from there.

Well this week we went to a wedding. One of the members got married this week and invitied us all to his wedding so we got to go! It was awesome! The elders told that early in the morning the day before the wedding they went and helped kill the cow for the food that we would eat. Crazy! My companion and I just went to see them get married and then we got to eat. It was really good! And then we left because they started all the dancing and stuff haha. But it was really nice to see. This morning they were supposed to get sealed in the temple which is even better!!!!!

We also had a mission activity where we did a movie night. But not too many people showed up. We were alittle put down but we'll do a better activity the next time and involve people so they have to at least show up for a little bit haha!

Well I hope that you all have a great great week! Love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Week

Daniel is really doing good (the brother of Welser). He's already passed Helaman in the Book of Mormon and on Sunday in the class he was asking what he needed to do to find out of the church is true. We've always explained that he needed to pray but I think he didn't really connect the two things together. He says that he always feels good when he reads the book of mormon. We're going to invite him to be baptized this week so pray for him and us so that everything turns out well. The family Flores isn't doing too well. The main interest is Jonathan and he really likes the church but his parents really aren't too interested. Maybe later on... The always tell us to come back though so we'll keep trying. We have some new investigators. They're nieces of a member. Marisol is 12 and Charlotte is 8. They came to church with us this week. Marisol is really good about remembering the things that we teach her and trying to do her "homework" and read the Book of Mormon. They're really good possibilites as well for baptism.

I'm glad that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. We went to a Relief Society activity and ate cake haha. Hermana Brandaris as well gave me a card. I gave her one as well.

We feel really good about how things are coming along with the investigators that we have. They're progressing really well and we're trusting more in the Lord and our obedience.

I hope that you have a great great week! Love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe!
P-day Activities!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mission Calls

We had a better week this week. Vanessa doesn't meet with us anymore. We showed up and she ignored us so we dropped her. We were able to visit the Family Flores this week. We went with the Branch President and his wife so that was super awesome. They're doing pretty good. Best of all we have a newer investigator. I don't remember if I told you about Welser the baptism that counts for us but the elders did all of the work. Well he went back to his family but his brother showed up. He didn't show any interest at all when he came. But he felt like he should come to church one week and then during this week we gave him a Book of Mormon. After three days when we came back he had already read all of 1st Nephi! He really wants to know more about the church and he feels really good when he reads the book. We couldn't believe the change in him.

That's awesome about all the mission calls. It's really crazy how the whole world is going nuts with this. Everyone's going on a mission! It's awesome!! We heard that they're opening a new MTC in Mexico that's going to be super big!

Nilza, the girl that's in the branch, left for the mission this week. It was good but kind of sad as well. She cried a little when she was telling us goodbye. She's really helped us a lot to visit people and to find houses because she really knew the area.

Well I hope that you have a great week! Love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This week was a little slowish. Tuesday we went back with the Hermana Reina, the wife of the guy that took us fishing, and we ate the little lobsters. They were good!......yeah. I only ate two. But I did it. It was a little hard because the legs were a little crunchy. But I did it. Wow the things I do for you guys just so that I can tell you interesting things....;) haha!!!! No it wasn't too bad. Then we went back with them on Thursday because it was the son's 5th birthday! It was awesome! We helped decorate the cake, take pictures of the party, and of course eat the cake. Yummy! Also this Sunday was Elder Gamez's birthday so we went to the branch president's house that night and ate dinner, had a piƱata, and enjoyed the time.

 The family Flores didn't make it this week. The Hermana Odet went to the capital with the son, Bryan, that's studying there so they didn't make it. But we have plans to visit them this week with the branch president and his wife. We'll see what happens. Venessa wasn't ever in her house. We'll see what happens this week. We want to get an answer from her directly.

Today we went to the waterfalls again. I think I enjoyed them even more this time. We took more pictures and were able to relax and just enjoy being there. Our weather has been good this week. Rained a little. There was some sun. Not too bad. A lot better than your weather I'm sure haha!
My companion decorating the birthday cake
 The Branch President's family and I.