Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Week

Daniel is really doing good (the brother of Welser). He's already passed Helaman in the Book of Mormon and on Sunday in the class he was asking what he needed to do to find out of the church is true. We've always explained that he needed to pray but I think he didn't really connect the two things together. He says that he always feels good when he reads the book of mormon. We're going to invite him to be baptized this week so pray for him and us so that everything turns out well. The family Flores isn't doing too well. The main interest is Jonathan and he really likes the church but his parents really aren't too interested. Maybe later on... The always tell us to come back though so we'll keep trying. We have some new investigators. They're nieces of a member. Marisol is 12 and Charlotte is 8. They came to church with us this week. Marisol is really good about remembering the things that we teach her and trying to do her "homework" and read the Book of Mormon. They're really good possibilites as well for baptism.

I'm glad that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. We went to a Relief Society activity and ate cake haha. Hermana Brandaris as well gave me a card. I gave her one as well.

We feel really good about how things are coming along with the investigators that we have. They're progressing really well and we're trusting more in the Lord and our obedience.

I hope that you have a great great week! Love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe!
P-day Activities!

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