Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This week was a little slowish. Tuesday we went back with the Hermana Reina, the wife of the guy that took us fishing, and we ate the little lobsters. They were good!......yeah. I only ate two. But I did it. It was a little hard because the legs were a little crunchy. But I did it. Wow the things I do for you guys just so that I can tell you interesting things....;) haha!!!! No it wasn't too bad. Then we went back with them on Thursday because it was the son's 5th birthday! It was awesome! We helped decorate the cake, take pictures of the party, and of course eat the cake. Yummy! Also this Sunday was Elder Gamez's birthday so we went to the branch president's house that night and ate dinner, had a piƱata, and enjoyed the time.

 The family Flores didn't make it this week. The Hermana Odet went to the capital with the son, Bryan, that's studying there so they didn't make it. But we have plans to visit them this week with the branch president and his wife. We'll see what happens. Venessa wasn't ever in her house. We'll see what happens this week. We want to get an answer from her directly.

Today we went to the waterfalls again. I think I enjoyed them even more this time. We took more pictures and were able to relax and just enjoy being there. Our weather has been good this week. Rained a little. There was some sun. Not too bad. A lot better than your weather I'm sure haha!
My companion decorating the birthday cake
 The Branch President's family and I.

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