Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fishing on P-Day

This week was a lot better. My companion didn't end up buying the medicine because she finally slept that night and it helped her a ton! She's doing tons better. We were able to work all week (woohoo) and were able to find some new people to teach. There are some that know how to speak cekchi (sorry can't spell that). They taught us how to say a few things! We also invited Vanessa to be baptized. She's thinking and praying about it. Her husband told her that she needed to choose because she was attending two churches and he said that she was playing with God. She likes the church and everything but her family has a huge influence on her. We also had a good day on Sunday because the family Flores finally made it to church!!!!! We were super super excited! They said that they had been waiting for a good day to come to church and things finally lined up and they made it! The branch was super good as well and they greeted them and helped them feel more at home. We're finally seeing some progression with them. We also had the goodbye party for Nilza. The girl that's leaving on the mission for Mexico. She enters the mission next week Wednesday. She's really helped us out a lot. She's going to be a great missionary.

Today we had a great P-day. We went fishing.....yeah I thought it would be boring but we went fishing for mini lobsters. I'm not sure what they're called. We used baskets that have holes and scooped the water. And then we looked in the mud and sticks and everything that was left in the basket for animals that moved. Then we picked out the mini lobsters and put them in a container. It was awesome! And in the end some of us had a mud and water fight. That was super fun! I'll try to send pictures of that. I got a teeny bit burned. We haven't seen the sun much recently. It's been raining but yesterday and today were finally good days!

Things are going really well here. I'm loving the work and working hard. Most of all loving the people. I hope that you have a great week and  love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!


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