Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Inside Week

Well this week went really slow. We were in the house all week. My companion had a fever a few days, coughing, can't sleep well at night. We finally got her an antibiotic today. Hopefully this will help her. It's not that she feels really bad but she can't breathe very deeply because when she does she starts to cough. Especially when she lays down to sleep. A few times she's been almost without air because of course we're in the house and we talk and she starts to laugh (because I'm so funny ;) haha) and then ends up coughing. She scared me and herself a few times. We keep the laughing on the minimum. But hopefully this will really help her now.

 We were dying of cold this week. Monday was super hot and then it went downhill from there. Thursday we almost died. It was like the high 40s. I know that's nothing for you but here we were dying. Then it kept going about 50s for to days more and finally today it's been normal again. It also gets colder in the night. They say it's normal for this time of the year to get cold like this but man I didn't think it would get so cold!!!!!

We'll see what happens this week. I love you tons and tons!!!!!! Have a great week.

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