Monday, January 14, 2013

Nice and Warm

The weather is crazy here! After we got back from the capital and everything it's been nice and warm. A little hot these last few days haha! Luckily it's still cooling down a little at night so that we can sleep well. This week was better than last week. We were able to work until Saturday. I think I ate something bad but we spent the day in the house. Also my companion got a cold from some less actives so she's been coughing these last two days....we've got some rotten luck haha!

 But we had a pretty good week. We couldn't visit the family Flores because Jonathan is sick. Maybe this week. But Vanessa is doing well. She's always willing to listen to us and really likes it that we visit her. Hopefully she can make it to church this week. She was at her mother-and-law's this weekend. We're looking for more investigators again. The ones that we found before fell through so we're searching again haha. Always searching. But hopefully things will get better this week. I gave a talk on Sunday and the elders as well. We all talked about sharing the gospel and Elder Child, my DL, reprimanded them that they need to give us references and then visit them with us. Because it's the same thing if they give us the reference and don't visit them with us as if we just randomly knocked on their door. We'll see how things go.

This week are transfers. In my district we just have Elder Child, my DL, that's going to to the capital and another elder that's going to the capital as well. Those are the only transfers in my district. So we'll see who are the new people this week.....

I love you tons and tons!!!!! Hope that you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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