Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transfers and Mother's Day

The transfers were good. I was a little sad to lose Hermana Ramos but I have a great new companion. Her name is Hermana Cruz and she's got time in the mission. She's going to complete 15 months in the mission on the 23rd. After this transfer she's only got two more. She's from Honduras. And I'm really excited to have her here in Los Olivos. She's had a year outside of the capital so the change has been a little hard for her because the people are a lot harder in the capital. Outside they're really giving and always open the door, give food, etc. But here it's a lot different but she's got a lot of ideas and we're working hard to find new people to teach.  I'm really excited to have my new companion.

I had a good birthday! My birthday is Mother's Day here. We just had a normal day. Searched for new investigators. When we got home I felt a teeny bit sad but Hermana Ramos called and wished me a happy birthday, and after that Elders Reyes and Rodriguez called, and after that Elder MorĂ n called. I was super grateful for my family here. I can't be with you but they were able to be here with me. Well call on the phone haha. But it was good!
Love you all tons!!!!!! Pray for us so that we can find new investigators!!!

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