Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Pretty Good Week

My week was pretty good. We were able to work with Daniela some more and we're going to baptize her on the 8th of May (the day before the transfers). Brenda fell through because we didn't feel like she's really progressing because she wants to. She's living in a member’s home and we think that she's just joining because she's willing to do whatever they say so we're taking a step back to see if it's really something that she wants or if it's just for the member. We didn't meet with the family.
The English classes went well. I taught the beginning class and it went really well. We had fun and they learning how to greet a person, what's their favorite color, and what's their favorite food. It was really good.

No, we didn't eat cow brains but we're going to eat them this week.

Hey hope you have a great week!!!! Love you tons!!!!!!!

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