Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winter and Summer

We weren't able to teach the family more this week but we were able to connect with Daniela again and she's doing really good. We're going to put a date with her for the 8th of May, the day before the transfers heehee! We really want to baptize her! She's really a sweetheart and we love her a ton!!! We also found someone new this week, Brenda and her date is also for the 8th of May so we're pretty excited to hopefully have two more baptisms in this area before the transfers.

We're looking forward to the transfers this time. We're pretty sure that Hermana Ramos will go this time and there's a big possibility that I'll go too. I hope so! I want to see more of Guatemala. But it's not really up to me so we'll see!

We're going to start the English classes this week. My district leader Elder Eskelson and I are going to teach them. It all depends on how many people show up as well. Hopefully it will go well!!

There isn't really spring here. We have summer and winter. Summer started in like February and will end in like September I think or something like that. I don't know. I just know that it was little some days in January and February and after that it's been pretty warm. I'm glad though that I'm not in Peten right now because May in Peten is like an oven. It's like an oven right now but it's even worse in May.

Love you lots and hope everything's going great!!!!!!!!! By the way I'm going to eat cow brain this week. Love you!!!

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