Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It was Easter?

Wow this week was....different. It was la semana santa, Holy Week. And thank goodness it's over..... Everyone left this week because it was vacation week. There wasn't school, everyone went to the beach, movies, blah blah. We spent a lot of time in the house. We were really bored but we're happy that this week is over. Yep that was this week.

Our investigators are doing pretty well. Dina we couldn't visit because she was gone on vacation. Daniela we couldn't visit because her mom came from the US to visit. Our recent convert, Mariela, is doing well. She's having a little trouble with her family. Her husband's mother died and he's been really sad and drinking. She tried to talk to him a little about the church but he doesn't want to hear about it and she's trying to keep the respect in religions alright so that she can continue with the church. She's doing really good though. She has a really good friend in the church and they're doing well.

There was a problem this weekend with some missionaries and they're going to have emergency transfers and we're losing our district leader. We're really sad but what can we do. It's really hard right now. When we lost Elder Bronson we were really sad but even more so this time for Elder Moràn... oh well asì es la misiòn. this is the mission.

They don't really celebrate Easter here and I kind of forgot about it. Hope everything`s going good! Love you all and we're going to work hard this week!!!!

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