Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference

The conference was really good! I loved it and learned a lot. The talk from President Monson was super good and it made me feel good that it's not only in mission that they're always talking about obedience haha! And of course Elder Holland and Elder Oaks were good. I really enjoyed it all. I remember before that I felt like the conferences never end and now I feel like they go by so fast!! I was able to see in English for the last three sessions. Just the first on Saturday I saw in Spanish. It was kind of hard to understand because there were two talks that the people talked really fast so then the translations were super fast. It's never as good as listening in English. Also Elder Falabella is from here! Woohoo! That was awesome to see.

We had a good week. We're really working with the Family Caal. The one that has all the kids. Sofia, Cesar, and Rigoberto are really coming along. This week we were able to talk about the restoration and put a date to baptize them. We have to work more with the parents to baptized them sooner but they really pay attention. The other two are a little bit younger and don't put as much attention. But of course they'll follow the family.

We're working with a family, the parents are Amalia and René. They're Evangelists but they really like the church. One of the sons was able to make it to the conference (that's why I saw one in Spanish) and really liked it. They're probably going to come this Sunday to church to see what it's like.

We also had a good experience. We were trying to visit a less active and when we got there they weren't there. We were knocking and the neighbor poked her head out to tell us that they weren't there. So we started talking to her and we were able to share a little. She really like the hymn I'm a child of God. She almost started to cry. They're searching for a church. Because she's raised Evangelist, her husband Catholic, and they can't decide on one. So maybe they'll go for the middle and choose the Mormons haha.

We're having alot of success here and loving it. My companion is great and we love every moment together. I'm glad that you were able to have a good week and hope that everything goes well this week. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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