Monday, May 27, 2013

See You Soon!!!

Well the transfers are in......and the results are......I don't have a transfer! No I'm just joking. It's the only transfer that I've been sure of haha! Yep. companion has a transfer as well. Always staying outside of the capital so she'll probably end up in the Mission Cobán. We couldn't believe it. She's really sad and cried some but she slept on it and feels a little better now. I'm going to be going to the capital on Wednesday at 2am! Wow! And of course we don't ever sleep waiting because we talk and talk and then it's time so maybe I'll sleep a few hours that day haha!

We had a good week! Lucia and Evelyn got baptized! And it went super well! They're really happy. But now with this news we feel bad because we're both just going to drop them. Luckily the hermano that gave us the reference will take care of them. But it's sad. They're the best though. They'll be alright.

Marta did come back but we'll see what happens with here because she didn't make it to church this week. It's super hard knowing that we're going to drop the area like this. We can't even show the new hermanas a few things and tell them a few things to get them started with the area. It's worse than when they closed Los Olivos. I guess it's in God's hands...

As well Elder Sainz our ZL has a transfer so only Elder Burton will stay here in the area of us four from the ward.

We have so many people that we have a really good relationship with. Many have become our Mom's haha. (Of course they never take your real place, just for now until I come back ;))

I started to pack a little. I have most of my clothes packed, and my books are organized so I know which are coming home. I think I'll be bringing home less stuff than I thought but we'll see in the end. Possibly I'm going to be leaving my bed stuff or some of them for the space and all.

We played soccer again! And it was awesome! I really like to play with the elders. They make it lots of fun!

Well I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon! So that I can show you all the pics and all the stuff! It'll be great! And I'll learn how to speak pure English again hahahahaha!

Love you and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 days.............. XD
Lucia and Evelyn's Baptism!

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