Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Full Week!

We had a good week. We're really working hard with Lucia and Evelyn and they're excited to get baptized this Saturday. They were able to go to a baptism this last Saturday to see what it's like and they already decided who they want to baptize them. The brother that gave us the reference, Rodrigo, is going to do it. But they're so much fun! Everything's going well. Our other baptismal date, Marta, went home to visit her family so we're waiting for her to come back (hopefully today) to keep teaching her and getting her ready. But she likes the church. Also the family that she works for, Dunia, is reactivating. She's doing super good. Passing a few hard things right now but she's happy and trying to progress.

We had a pretty good week with the conference. It was super great with Elder Martino. We really learned a lot and some of the things were so easy but really insightful to help us out. Of course there was super good food, my companion with her cake, and I was able to see Elder Reyes that I hadn't seen since August. But it really went well.

These last two p-days have been pretty good. Here in Coban the sisters play soccer with the elders and it's awesome. Usually they don't really let us play. We get to touch the ball if by chance it passes by close to us. But last week and this week we really got to play. I decided that soccer is pretty fun! Last week I made two goals and this week I made one and helped with two others! Really awesome! I hope that we play next week......:D

But yeah I'm looking forward to working hard this week so that I can come home well!

Talk to you next week! And remember that I love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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