Monday, November 5, 2012

Sights of Peten

I'm glad that Jacob got off well. I thought about him that day and I've been telling everyone that he left in the mission haha! We had a good Halloween. We were going to have an activity but it got canceled and also they called and said that we needed to enter early that night into our houses. So we were there at 7pm.

 The ward here is really good and there's a girl that's helping us. Her name's Nilza and she's leaving for the mission at the end of January. She's going to be a great missionary!

I'm loving it here in Poptun! It's amazing. I think the only downer is that there aren't as many stores here to buy stuff because it's a little far but everything else is better here!!!

My companion is Hermana Garambel. She's from Peru and it's her last transfer. We get along great!! I'm really happy that she can finish her mission well.

Today we had a great p-day again. We went to some ruins called Yaxha. They were awesome! It's a possible site where Christ may have visited but of course we don't know for sure. The best part is that to go to Santa Elena to meet up with the zone and to come back, it's two hours, we get to ask for jalòn! Hitch hike! The people here are super nice and we can always find a pickup truck that willing to take us where they're going. We got lucky that it didn't rain too much either. I have a great district and we all get a long really well so I'm happy here.

I'm glad that you're Halloween went well. Sorry I don't have much for investigators right now because we're looking for new ones but we've found some possibilities. I'll let you know next week!

Hope you have a great week! Love you tons!!!!!!!
The sights of Peten


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