Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Transfer!

Well I have a lot to write this week haha! First, yes I had a transfer. On Sunday they told us that we didn't have transfers and we were super excited because we didn't have to pack anything so that's what I wrote you but then Wednesday morning happened. Here's the story. We left early because one of our ZL had a transfer so we went to tell him goodbye before he left. He left and we came back home. About half an hour after we got home one of the asistants called. I had a transfer and I was going to Peten. My area Poptun with Hermana Garambel. I needed to pack my stuff and get there as soon as possible because I needed to be there for the bus that left at 2pm but Hermana Ramos needed to be at the transfers to collect her new companion. So this happened at 9am. I hurried and packed my stuff and we went to the family Shoenfeld, said goodbye to one of the sons, went to one of the daughter's houses and said goodbye to her and then I left the area. We got there about 11am. Then I left for Peten. It was a 9 hour and we got to Santa Elena. We spent the night there because it was like midnight and then we went to Poptun, another two hours haha.

It's great here. The first thing I bought was sunblock haha! Right now we're in the good time when it's not as hot and supposedly rains. It's been a little warm. Not too bad and I'm really enjoying it. Time for the tan haha!!!! I'm excited that I'll most likely be passing Christmas here so this will be cool!

The P-days are definitely cooler outside of the capital. In the capital you can't use normal clothes in p-day but here yep!!! Today we went to some waterfalls and then when we came back we rode in the back of a pickup that had a corral type thing on the back so we were standing up and it was awesome!!! Hopefully we'll get to go to Tikal this transfer because that's the ruins that everyone talks about here.

I'm going to complete a year in the mission this week! Whee!!!!!! The time has passed by fast. I'm really happy here and I'm loving it.

The other week we had a conference with a general authority, Elder Duncan. He was really good. He talked about how we need to think about the wards that we're in. That they're going to be stakes one day. And God is hastening the work right now so it will be in less time than we think. He also told us to start working with the less active members to get references because it will help both them and the investigators to build strong testimonies in the church. It really works because we started doing it in Martinico and it had a huge success.

Well that's my crazy week! Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

Good luck and enjoy the snow while I'm enjoying the sun haha!!!!!!!!!!!!


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