Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Reactions

The reaction down here was awesome with the age change on the missions!!!!!!! We laughed a little because when they announced the age change for the girls it looks like the girls in the crowd were excited the guys a little worried haha! yeah I'm sure it's a shock change for Dan! Wow! I was thinking about how I'll be coming home at the end of May and he could leave at the beginning of June but who knows. I'm sure the office is going to be swamped!!!!! There's going to be so many people putting in their papers to leave on their missions. I'm super excited for the change. I think it's awesome!!!

I also loved a ton of the talks. Especially Holland again. He always has an amazing talk!

We had a good week! We got some new investigators that are references from a member which is awesome. They were able to go to two sessions of the conference! The mom is the aunt of the member and her 5 kids. She's going through a divorce right now so it's a little hard but she's really receptive and wants to learn more. We had a really good lesson with her, Glenda, and her kids.

Eunice is doing well. Getting ready for her baptism and we've been able to visit her with other people. She's doing really well and happy.

There weren't other investigators that made it to conference. We called Aurelia and she answered but there weren't any buses that she could take so she didn't make it. We'll be going out this week to put a new date with her for her baptism and we're really going to work with her so that she can be baptized.

I'm doing well. I loved the conference that was really the highlight of my week! I was little bit baggy this week missing home on my 11 month mark but we had a great district meeting that helped me a lot and also the conference put a lot of things in better light. My stomach is doing better. I still have a few pains but the doctor says it's like after effects from the infection or something like that. The good thing was that I was never really really sick, it just bothered me a little because it wasn't normal. But I'm good now. Thanks for worrying but I'm really alright! We're working hard!!

I love you all tons!!! Hope you have a great week!!!! I know I'm going to have a great week!!!!!!!

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