Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upcoming Baptism

Ok. Eunice is doing great. We're going to baptize her tomorrow night! Whee!!!!!! We're super excited. She really wants to be baptized so here we for tomorrow. Glenda is also the name of the new contact with the kids. She's doing great as well. We taught her yesterday and she really feels the Spirit. She's going to pray about the day for her to get baptized but I'm sure she's going to accept.

Aurelia is still in the air. We went to Chinautla on Saturday but she wasn't there. We were able to talk to one of her sons and hopefully we'll find her this week. It was awesome while we were there though because we gave service with a huge group of women that were preparing food and stuff for a funeral. We were able to talk and mingle with them. My companion got all dirty haha.

Wow I can't believe that Jacob's going so soon!!! That's so cool! I'm going to miss him but it's for a good cause haha!

This week we had a cool activity for the investigators that we did with the bishop. We had some investigators that came to the church (we did it with the elders that share our ward as well) and they watched the movie John Tanner from the D&C movies, and then we ate hamburgers after so that they could meet each other and so that they could ask questions.

My stomach is doing well! I think that I'm good now.

Well I hope you have a great week!!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!

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