Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Great Week!

This week was great! We had two baptisms. Well really only one because the other didn't count for us. Eunice got baptized on Tuesday. It was super good. We got a little afraid when they did the baptism interview before the baptism because it lasted like 40 minutes but Elder Flores, our DL, said that she really talks a lot haha!! She told us that the weekend before her baptism she still wasn't quite sure about it but she decided to pray and ask God if she should be baptized and she felt peace with her decision. We were super super excited for her. It's always amazing to see these real conversions. Then on Sunday she was supposed to work but luckily there was an event so she got to go in to work a little later than normal so she was able to make it to church to be confirmed! It was a great experience.

Then on Friday there was an 8 year old that got baptized. He the son of some less active members that we've been working with. The mom is super excited to return to church and the two sons are really loving the activities and everything. The dad it still a little hard. He works a lot and I don't think that he really has the desire to come back but we're going to keep working with them. They're the family González.

We weren't able to meet with Glenda this week. It's a little hard because she lives in the zone but not in our area but she had problems with her husband and they're getting a divorce and she wants to move in to our area. Her niece lives in our area and we've been teaching her in the niece's house. The problem is that Glenda has 5 kids, no car, and the niece doesn't have a car either so it's hard for them to come to the niece's house. But we're planning on seeing them this next weekend and if not we're going to need to pass them to the other missionaries so that they can teach them.

I'm not sure exactly what's happening with Aurelia. We called this week and she wasn't able to come to church. It's hard because we can't go out to Chinautla very much with the rain so we haven't seen her in weeks.

And with the transfers.....well you aren't going to believe it but......I don't have transfers. And neither does Hermana Ramos. hahahahahahahaha!! We couldn't believe it. Here we go for our 6th transfer together haha! It's crazy but well it's by revelation so God knows why the things happen. This is Hermana Ramos's 5th transfer in this area. She's had 5 in Los Olivos and 5 here. And I think I'm following her footsteps because I've got 5 in Los Olivos and now I'm going for my 3rd here. We're excited!

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