Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Songs

I had an interesting week....well my companion was sick. Her tooth had some problems coming out. They had to break up the roots because it was fused to the bone. So she had a lot of pain this week. It's still healing up. Then after days in the house she got a cold with fever. So the poor girl was sick and tired. She wanted to go home this week. It was really rough because she's in the last of her time here in the mission and she's sick. We only left one day to work, and with that only 2 houses. It wasn't a great week for her. I tried to enjoy my time in the house cooking, cleaning, studying, yeah pretty much anything that I could do so that I didn't die of boredom haha. It wasn't too bad though. The first two days I was glad because I could sleep a little because I didn't sleep anything in the bus.

We had a baptism this week though haha. We started teaching this investigator because he came to visit his aunt and said that he was going to go back to the capital so we started teaching and hoped that he could find the missionaries when he went back. But then the elders visited them one day and they started teaching and basically stole the investigator. It was all good though because they could relate better with him because of his age and everything. But in the end the ZL said that it was our investigator because he lives in our area so we got a free baptism haha! His name is Welser.

Osbin kind of fell through a little because we couldn't visit this week but we're going to put a new date with him to get married and to get baptized.

I'm looking forward to celebrating this next year with you. This sunday we started singing Christmas songs in church haha! That's one way to get into the holiday spirit!  And I found the stocking from last year so I'm going to put it up this week!

Well this is the last week of the transfer. So this Saturday or Sunday I'll find out what's going to happen. The good thing is that I already know that my companion has a transfer haha.

Yep we got the root beer but with my companion sick I think we're going to enjoy it today!

Well I hope that you all have a great week and that I have a better week as well! Love you all!!!!!!

My companion and Nilza. She's leaving on the mission at the end of January for Mexico. She goes with us to visit people.

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