Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Going to Train!!!!

Yeah here we are in December! And I've got great news!!! I'm going to train! This is the transfers! My companion is going home and i get a newbie!!!! I'm super excited! Nervous but it should go well. We also have a new rule that they just put it place this week. We can't leave the house to work after 5:30pm unless we have a member.......It was kind of a surprise but I guess it worked out in the capital so they decided to put it in all the mission. Just in time for me to train....well we'll see how this goes. But it should be good. We talked with some members that are willing to come out and help us so hopefully we won't have too many nights in the house haha!

 My companion was doing a lot better this week and was able to say goodbye to some people, we found new investigators, and overall it was good. We were able to go with Max and his family. The baby is doing better! We were super happy for them.  We're going to find out what happens with Osbin this week.

 It's been raining here this week...sadly. Hopefully it will stop soon! I want to be dry haha!

But I have to go. We're leaving for the capital tonight so I've got to hurry! Love you tons!!!!!! have a great week!!!!!!

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