Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Transfer Results

Things are going well here. Maritza is coming along. We're hoping to put a date with her again. She doesn't come to church though so we'll see how that goes. Carolina has kind of fallen through. She doesn't read the scriptures. I understand that she's super busy because she's a single mother and is trying to do everything but she doesn't realize how the church can help her. How reading the scriptures and praying everyday can help her so much. She knows that she needs something more but it's just hard. We haven't seen Diana the last week...It's a little disappointing but we're going to call her this week to find out how it's going with the house hunt and if she's going to be here soon.

We found some new people this week. We do have one person with a date to get baptized. Her name's Eunice and she searched us out. We found the dad this week and he's an old investigator and he said that the daughter wanted to find out more about the church and then she passed by our house to put an appointment with us to teach her. It was crazy but hopefully things go well with her. She wasn't able to go to church yesterday because of an activity in the school but she said this week she's go. We also found someone else, Marybel. She's has several missionaries in her house but a long time ago. We were able to teach her and she's really receptive to the message. And Seibi and Glenda are coming along well. They're really willing to read, go to activites, and everything. There was a little bit of a confusion yesterday for when the church started so they weren't able to go but they said definitely the next week.

We don't have transfers this time. I thought the same that Hermana Ramos would go but nope. So we've got some more time together! We're going to have 5 tranfers together unless we have more time after haha! It's crazy but it's good. I'm happy! And Hermana Cruz is going home this week...I'm a little sad! I love her tons and I'm going to miss her but this is how it goes.

The weather is a little weird right now. It rains and pours (a ton!!!!!!!) and then it's super hot during the day. Yeah I believe it that we're in a drought right now. Hermana Ramos said that she remembered that it rained a lot more last year. Yep Hermana Ramos is going to complete one year in the mission on Sepetember 21st! It's crazy! She said it was a lot colder as well. We'll see what happens this month. Hopefully it won't be too cold!

Love you tons!!!!!!!! Be safe!

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