Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lots of Investigators

We found some new investigators that are pretty interested. Saibi lives here but her sister and mom are here visiting. The sister Glenda will be here for a little bit of time but the mom's going to head back home soon. So we're going to work with Saibi and Glenda. We were able to bring them to the Relief Society activity this last week so hopefully everything went well with that. We're going to visit them again this week to find out how they felt and everything.

We're also teaching someone that was our date to get baptized but she fell through in like the first week. Her name's Maritza. She works for her cousin. And her cousin is Marybeth the wife of a soccer player. His name is Armando or El Abuelo and he plays for Las Cremas that's a team here in Guatemala. He's super cool and even more cool because he's a member of the church and he converted his wife and now the cousin is going to convert. It's pretty awesome. I'm hoping to buy a shirt for the team so that he can sign it for me. But they're all super nice.

As well we're teaching Carolina and her 4 children. The father died like 4 months ago or so. It's hard to teach her because they're always super busy but we're focusing a lot in the Book of Mormon so that she can have that convertion in her life.

And we're teaching a lady that I really enjoy to be with. Her name's Diana. Her husband is member but something happened in her life that she hasn't told us that has made her want to change. Her family is super important for her and she really likes the church. But she isn't converted so we really need to work with this. And she isn't married and doesn't understand why she needs to be married to be baptized. She wants to marry her husband but wants the marriage of her dreams but they don't have the money right now. But we feel that if she has that convertion, she's understand why she needs to get married.

Yep these are ones that we're really focusing on right now.

Today we went to the central market and bought stuff. It went pretty good. We were a little bored but we were able to take pictures and Hermana Ramos and I visited a few touristic buildings and took pictures. It was awesome

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya me voy mucha!! jajajaja

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