Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Activities and Cow Tongue

The activity went really well!! The highlights are these. The high priests did a Rocky Balboa type thing. But it was also gospel based. they had two people that were going to fight and they showed a film before the fight. The two preparing to fight. One "Rocky" listened to the elder missionaries and learned about the gospel. the other trained and practiced. So then they came out to fight and of course "Rocky" won. hahahaha it was great! The Relief Society did a dance. It was to Book of Mormon Stories the primary song but in rock. haha it was awesome! They did it as a kind of husbands do you know what your wives do when they're home alone.... haha! The YW did a belly type dance but it wasn't like suductive type. They did really well for not having much time to prepare. And the YM did a skit for The Avengers but they convert to the gospel or something like that. We had more than 200 people! It was awesome and crazy!!! We the sister missionaries of course were in charge of the food because it was a mission activity. We ended up doing bread with ham, mayo, and ketchup and luckily it all went well. The others sisters helped us as well to put it all together but it was a little stressful to get all the food and everything. Wow I don't know how the leaders do all the activities. But it all went well! And we're happy.  

Also this week I ate something weird again. I've eaten the cow's brain and this week I ate the tongue. That's right the tongue. It was better than the brain but it was still a little weird. It was really smooth meat and I was just imagining the tongue in my mind as I was eating it....this was thanks to Hermana Ramos as well. Wow I really eat a lot of weird things when I'm with her. But I tell her that I always eat them just so that I can tell you guys after that I ate weird things haha!!!

It didn't rain this week but we were super busy with the activity and all of the plans and everything. We do have a really good family that we're teaching. I don't remember if I already told you but it's the family Bariento Gevara. They're awesome. Evangelists but not like strict in following it. They send up texts every once in a while to let us know that they love us and are thinking about us. They're reading the Book of Mormon and are doing great! We're super excited for them! We'll see what happens this week.

Sadly I don't have pictures of the activity because of course I forgot my camera.....

I hope you have a great week and I love you tons!!! Miss you!!!!

Sharon and Mishel

Alba and Karen (from Los Olivos)

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