Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My "New" Companion and Area

So this week was crazy. When we got the call to pack we packed almost all night on Sunday so that we would have more time to get everything figured out with the house and stuff. And we weren't really tired that night. Monday was alright. Tuesday was crazy as we ran around visiting people, dropping off pictures, telling them that the elders are going to visit them. It was nuts. I only cried at one house but I was really sad as we visited these people. I miss them. The members and investigators were amazing people. I love them tons. Then Wednesday we had the transfers. My new area is called Martinico and the news that you're waiting for.....my new companion.......is....... Hermana Ramos. again. Yes I know it's crazy. I didn't believe it. We showed up and Hermana Ramos came out to help me with my stuff and she told me that she was my new companion and I didn't believe her until I asked and found out for myself. It's crazy. We didn't feel like it was real. I do have to say that I was a little worried at first because she was my trainer and I thought that maybe she'd treat me like I was still a baby in the mission but we haven't had any problems. I'm happy for this because I really grew a lot with Hermana Cruz. I really miss her but I know that I'm here for a reason. So far I like my area. There's parts like Los Olivos, residential, and there's parts really poor like the area of the elders. But it's really cool. So far I don't really know many people. We have one investigator, Carlos, that we found this week and he came to church. He's really receptive to the gospel and we're going to put a date with him so that he can get baptized. I also know a family, members, that they cook our food for us and we pay them. The lady cooks amazingly well. I love her food. The food here is so good. I'm enjoying this change and the transfer has been a little easier with Hermana Ramos. I do miss Los Olivos. But I'm working hard.

I love you all a ton! Be safe!!!!!!!!!!

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