Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zone Conference

Things have been pretty good here. Last week as I said we went to central market and was pretty cool. We got some good pictures. This week at church we only had one investigator haha. Wow how things change. The family Gutierrez didn't make it because we couldn't meet with them last week. Yeah 5 kids is a lot in Los Olivos. It's normal to have two or three. So five is like huge. When I first saw this family I thought wow that's a ton of kids and then they said there were five. Oh that's like my family haha! They're great though. The kids are super smart and always read. Lizet is doing great. She wants this change. But she didn't make it to church because it was her son's birthday... We were a little disappointed.

We need your help this week. We were working with Gaby and we asked her and her mother to talk to the father about her getting baptized. He said no. So if you guys could pray for her that would really help us a lot. Gaby is really special for us and the mom, Lorena, is the best. We really care for them and they care for us.

Also my companion is a little sick. She's got an ulcer thanks to Guatemala North Mission. And she's got a bunch of medication that she's got to take. So if you could pray for her too. I think she's getting better but we'll see when she finishes the pills. And because my companion has an ulcer she can't eat many things. Like fat, fried foods, or chili. And I feel bad to eat other things if she can't. It's like haha watch me eat this delicious piece of fried chicken as you eat your cooked chicken without flavor. So I eat basically the same stuff as her. One day we ate almost straight vegetables haha. But we've been eating healthier this week like fruits and and stuff. It's really good haha. I've eaten like three mangos this week. I've decided that I love mango. Add that to the huge list of food that I love from Guatemala haha.

We also had zone conference this week. It was really good. It was a lot more interactive this time which was great. Our assistants to the president are great as well. Elder Nelson and Elder Saavedra really know how to love the people. Hermana Watts was great as usually and gave us cinnamon rolls as usual. Yummy! And President Watts is inspired as always.

I've learned how to make a few things here. It'll be a little hard to do them at home but we'll see how it goes. The beans I have no idea. I know I need to learn how to cook them but they take time to cook and that's something that we don't have too much of. We'll see though.

The weather's been hot here. I'm going to come home all tanned haha. Unless I go to Coban at some point and then I'll come home white because it's always cloudy and rainy there. And there went July. Wow I can't believe how fast it's passed by. Love you all!! Be safe!!

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