Thursday, December 29, 2011

One week left in the MTC!

Christmas night we had a good fireside by the mission presidency. Only a week left and I'm out in the field! It's crazy! I hope that I get a really nice companion so I can learn a lot from her!
Monday we went proseliting and instead of going to the park and doing contacts we went to some streets and they turned us loose so we ended up knocking on doors but it was really hard to tell which was a house, garage, or business. We ended up with a Latino companion with us because she couldn't go with her group the next day so she ended up talking almost the whole time but it was alright. Hermana Walden and I are doing well on our teaching together and are really getting in tune with each other and the spirit. We've had some really good lessons. So far here we've got our investigators to be baptized but then we don't go any further and move on to a new investigator so I haven't really taught any lessons to do with the commandments like law of tithing or law of chastity but we have practiced them.
Things are going really good! I love you all!! :)

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