Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Speaking in Church - Again!

The weather is really nice today! Probably because it rained for the first time since we got here yesterday! I wanted to go out in it but it rained a lot and hard!
It's so nice being able to go to the temple here. It's really small but a huge blessing.

So Sunday I got to talk in church again haha! I've talked twice while being in the MTCs. Once in Provo and once in Guatemala. Out of six Sundays (not seven because of fast sunday) I've talked twice. Good thing I'm always prepared :) I also got to play the piano for the other North American district (Matteo) on Sunday and then just last night I played for the elders in my district (Marcos). It's so much fun!

Christmas is a little different here. Here they stay up all Christmas Eve night and at midnight they open presents and party into Chrismas. We're going to have a traditional Christmas dinner here with tomales and everything! I'm really excited! We have a really cool schedule for Saturday and Sunday too!

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