Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guatemala MTC - Fruit, Beans, and Volcanoes

The food here is amazing!!!! I'm still getting used to the beans but we eat a lot of bread and fruit and meat and potatoes and it's just good! I will not be able to eat fruit when I get back because it is so amazing here!! They also have juice and it really is from fruit! It is so, so, so good!!!!!!!!! I love it. My favorite fruit is the pineapple!
So far it hasn't been way warm here. It's still winter for them and it's cold right now. The elders turn on the air conditioning in our room so we freeze. At 6:45 in the morning we have gym and we have to go outside and it's kind of cold.  We don't get to go outside very often so we don't see the sun much.
Our teachers are really good. They're from Guatemala and they learned English either on their mission or from their American companions. It's really awesome! I've a harder time adjusting here than I did in Provo but it’s coming.
Guatemala from what we can see looks like California. There really are volcanoes here! I'm getting really excited to go to the field but I need the time here for the language.
I don't know what I want for Christmas. They did tell us if people send us stuff to send it by UPS, Fedex, or there was one other, not by regular mail, it won't get here for a really long time if you go by normal mail. Also send the stuff already open because if it comes ´´new´´ then we have to pay taxes on it. Dear Elder, send it to the Guatemala MTC. We only receive the letters once a week though.  The Dear Elder letters come through the pouch service, but you don’t have to pay any postage that way.  Love you!!!

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