Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spanish, Parks, and the Temple

The language is coming slowly but it gets better every day. This next Monday and Tuesday the Latinos and the old North Americans are leaving the CCM so it's just going to be us newer Americans for a day or so. We get to go to the market and I'm way excited to go and shop and be with the people. Two days ago on Monday morning they took us to a park (we rode a bus, by the way the buses were super crowded with all of us in them and the other people who needed to ride it too, they all just crowd on, it was kind of fun!) and in the park we were teamed up with our Latino companiona and we went contacting for an hour and fifteen minutes.  It was so much fun even though I didn't understand the people. They all talk fast. I was able to mostly understand the conversations but I couldn't really contribute to them.  None of the North Amercians were able to do much on this trip but we'll be going again in a few weeks and then it will just be our regular companion.
My Latino companion is Hermana Garcia and she is so little and cute! I've gotten some pictures with her so if someday I can send them you can see what she looks like.
We've gotten to go to the temple the last two weeks. The first week we were in an English session and did the veil with English but this morning we went through a Spanish session. They gave us headsets for English translation but I chose not to use it. Then I did the veil with Spanish which was hard.
Our mission president's wife meets with us every Sunday for a meeting about out in the field. It's so much fun to meet with her because we get to speak complete English in her amazing apartment. Her name's Hermana Steimle. I love her so much! She's so nice and her mission ends just after we leave the CCM (MTC).
I just found out that it is faster to send letters to my mission instead of to the MTC so send any further letters to my mission address:

Rebecka Leona Nielsen
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
5° Avenida 5-55, edificio Euro Plaza
Torrel, Nivel 12 Oficina 1202B, Zona 14
Guatemala City
Telephone: 502 2385-3386

(Make sure you put the telephone # on it for packages.)

If you sent letters to the MTC, I’ll still get them, just a little later than if they get sent to my mission. Anyways I love you all!

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