Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Month in the Field - 3 Months in the Mission

Things are going good here!!! I passed my month mark in the field and my three month mark in the mission!! Woohoo! It was good. My district leader Elder Bronson is passing his 24 month mark in four days!! But he extended for 30 more days so he's not done yet. Haha! His companion has 10 months in the mission today so it's pretty exciting.  They are really cool and take good care of me and my companion.  Hermana Ramos and I are going to try and make something or buy something for district meeting on Wednesday for the elders. They're great.  That’s my district in the whole.  Only four people.  It’s crazy because in the MTC I had 8 people all in the district and in the CCM I had 10 people in all. I really like the elders that are in the district and zone though. 

I'm doing great. This week was little weird because most of our appointments fell through and we're also working on an activity to find new investigators and help our investigators right now to learn more about the church. We're going to have a pioneer day. We're going to play pioneer games like a three legged race, a washing clothes race (one person washes the clothes, one person wrings it out, and then another runs the clothes over and hangs them up), a tug of war, apples in a basin that you try to grab in your mouth, the Joseph Smith one with the feet together and the stick and you try to pull the other person off the ground, and more. Then we're going to have some easy-to-make pioneer food and end with a short Restoration movie. We’re pretty excited. This week we went around talking to all the leaders of the groups asking for help and talking to the bishop to get the activity going. We're going to have it on the 25 of February.  It’s so weird to think that it’s February right now because it feels more like April or May.  The weather has been kind of weird this week – a little cold and rainy.  One of the days was really muggy and my hair was crazy!! Ha ha!!  At the end of this week we finally had some sun!! I was really happy.

Two of our baptism dates fell through :( it was really sad. But they won't come to church and they won't keep commitments so yeah.... But we did gain a new person that we have a date with for baptism, so we still have 4 people hopefully!  We had Fast Sunday this week but we didn't have testimony meeting because we had a general authority. I don't know his name though because I didn't recognize the name. He was really good about greeting our investigators that we had at the church which was awesome for them!

I have been eating my vegetables when I have vegetables to eat. Hahaha (evil laugh). No, this week we have some good things planned out to eat with lots of fruits and vegetables so I'm really excited.

The people are all treating me really good. I still spend a lot of time just sitting and listening to Hermana Ramos and the people talk but I'm really starting to understand a lot more and starting to participate a little more in the small talk. My companion and I get along really well too so things are really good.

I hope you are doing good!!

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