Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Went Hiking

Just a quick note about the pictures from last week.  That is how we wash our laundry. My compañera was washing a rag so that we could mop our floor. The picture that looks like a hall is our house. That's the main area where we study and eat, etc.

Our area is really pretty and hilly. And the roads are really curvy so we walk kind of far to reach an area. This week went pretty good. We were able to find some new investigators. We also lost all of our baptisms dates except for one. But our one is really excited for her baptism and she's going to make it all the way.

Today we had a different p-day. We decided to visit the hills above our area and we ended up hiking all over the place. My shoes were not good for this terrain but it turned out pretty fun. I have some pretty good picture. We're already looking to the next change because we know that we're going to be separated. They always switch the companionships so that you aren't with your trainer after the 3 months. And Elder Bronson goes home on the 8th of March :( We're really sad to lose him! But we know it's time for him to go home. He's really baggie. Baggie here means that you're always thinking about home and are distracted with the things from home. This week went by really fast and we had a lot of lessons and found some new people. It was really good.

Hope everything's going good at home! Love you!!!

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