Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunsets, the sky, and the stars.

Things are going good here. I think we got the residency all fixed. They only took a picture and I signed two papers and that was it. And we haven't heard anything so I think it's just a normal thing that we have to do.

Sadly we didn't have a baptism this week. We weren't able to meet with him again and so we pushed back the baptism date. And then he didn't attend church this week and we don't know why. So I think we're going to hopefully meet with him and find out what happened and how we can help him. The language is getting better and I'm understanding a lot more. Now I'm starting to find a little bit of another problem with the language. Now that I can speak a bit more and I understand more I don't know what to talk about with the people because I'm so used to just not talking haha. It's all good though. It will come.

I think my favorite thing about Guatemala is the sunsets, the sky, and the stars. It's all really really pretty and I really love it. And what I don't like is being really really tired haha! Sometimes at night it's all we can do to plan and flop in bed. And I've found a problem that I have that I have no control over. I try to teach the lessons in Spanish at night. I'm sleep talking. Luckily it's not too bad and I'm able to stop myself a lot of times but I'm tired and I'd rather sleep at night haha!! It's the stress haha! Apparently there's a lot of missionaries that have problems like this on the mission, and I know this because my compaƱera likes to share this with others and we have a laugh. Oh well! What can you do?

 The people here are really giving and loving. There's a lot of members that are amazing. The kids are all really cute too! One of the mini stores in Los Olivos has some little kids that when they aren't at school run around and they wear the native clothing and they are the cutest little things and they give the best little hugs.

Love you!!!!!

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