Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Virus Bugs and Live Bugs

Things are going really good!!! We've got five baptisms lined up right now. Three girls that are YW age, one woman who's like 33, and one guy who's about 24ish. It was good this week because one of the girls and the guy attended church this week. We were really disappointed that the lady didn’t because she told us she would and we thought she was a golden investigator and then she did show. And the other two girls we knew weren't going to make it because their mother told us. We have some really good people that we're working with right now but sometimes it's like why won't you do this? I don't understand why because if you just did this then you would understand! But it is their choice. But really things are going good here.

Hopefully next week I'm going to send some pictures.

Apparently there was two earthquakes this last week. One of the members said that the first was rated as a 5.0 but I don't know. We didn’t feel anything. I'm a little disappointed haha.

My companions doing a lot better. I think that she may have caught a bug but I don't know. She was a lot better this week.

The bugs aren't too bad. We have a bunch of little ants that we had a little trouble with at first because they were living in the things underneath our mattresses but the problems solved now. There's been quite a few cockroaches that we've gotten really good and either killing them or sweeping them out the door. It's normal when we come home at night to find at least one in the house. Luckily they don't have carpet here so they can't hide in it. And there's some spiders but not too bad. Just a nice little surprise every once in a while when you find it haha.

I love and miss you!!!! Stay good!!!

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