Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Week in the Field

I'm doing good here. The mission field is different and in a lot of ways better. My new companion is Hermana Ramos. She's really nice and we work hard. Our area is Los Olivos. We're in the Esperanza (Hope) zone. And I'm in the Santa Elena district. We only have 4 people (including us) in our district. We're also the only Hermanas in our zone. There used to be two more hermanas but I guess our area isn't big enough or something. Our area is big! My first day we walked all over all of it and I have been so tired this week.

Our mission president is awesome and I really like his wife. She's so funny. She holds your hand. When  we first got to the mission home both the mission president and his wife took us individually to have interviews and I thought it was really funny because she took my hand like a little child and led me to where we were going to talk. And then I got to watch all of the elders hold her hand too which was really funny because some of them were like macho boys that are in the military. It was hilarious for me!!

There are a lot of really nice people here. They're all really accepting and all ask me where I'm from? How long I've been here? Then they ask how my Spanish is after I tell how long I've been here. Then I do a lot of sitting and trying to understand a little bit of what they're saying. Luckily I have the Lord on my side in lessons otherwise I'd really be in trouble. So far we have one person with a baptismal date but the biggest problem here is that the people won't go to church. They have a lot of less active members because they won't go to church. They've even had people attend church enough times to be baptized and then they go inactive because they know the church is true but they won't go.

Oh yeah I forgot to say that my companion is a newbie too. Well she has two months in the field which is your training time. By a rule you're with your trainer for 2 transfers, 12 weeks, and they have a new training program that they're using that helps train you in the mission so that when your 12 weeks are over you should be prepared enough to be a trainer and that's what happened with me. She's really good though. We spend a lot of time studying because I'm a newbie and I need to learn the language and I need to learn how to teach but our lessons go pretty well. I'm doing pretty good on not having fear to talk to people but I still have some.

Today our zone got together and played sports. We played dodgeball which was awesome and a lot of fun.  I've been so tired. I thought I would sleep better at night than I have. I slept pretty good but the last couple of nights I've woken up a lot and last night I had a really bad dream that we were in a lesson and Hermana Ramos was saying something and then turned to me to say something and I had no idea what she said and I tried to explain to her that I didn't know what was happening and she just kept looking at me like why aren't you teaching. It was terrible!!

The food is really good here. I haven't had any problems with any of the food here except for guacamole which I still don't like. This week I ate some grilled cheese sandwiches that were so good!!! (I made them) Our apartment is nice and we walk a lot!!!

I haven't had too hard of a time communicating with my companion which is good. I can tell a difference though that she still is kind of green. It's all good though. We're all learning. We don't really make many appointments here. I think we're supposed to try and make appointments but where this last week was all messed up we mostly just had people that we would try to visit.

I'm doing good. Love you all!!!!

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