Monday, January 16, 2012

Los Olivos, Guatemala

This week went by really fast. And slow. Each day is slow and then you look back and it flew by.

This week we didn`t teach as much. Not many people were home but hopefully this week we'll do better. School started today so hopefully that will mean that people are at home more. The language is getting better every week. I can tell a difference every week in how much I understand. Hopefully soon I'll be able to talk more. My companion has been helping me with saying things correctly because some things are similar and others are different between the languages.

Guatemala is really nice. The area Los Olivos is a good area but like I said a little big. Not horrible but sometimes when you're walking up the hill you think man, really.

There was one day this week that we couldn't go out and work because my companion was throwing up and her stomach hurt so I was really bored. I ended up washing some of my laundry (we do it my hand at the house), watching The Testaments, and reading, and eating. My companion has been sick almost the whole time that I've been with her. She says that I've been poisoning her and that's why she's sick. She's had diarrhea and her stomach hurts and she was throwing up that one day. I think she's starting to get better though.

Today we got our shower fixed! It was exciting! Up til now we've been using a bucket and warming the water with a light bulb thing and then scooping up some water and dumping it over ourselves for a shower. It's actually not too bad to shower this way. You use a lot less water.

Guess what? We have three dates for baptisms right now!!! We got one of them to attend church yesterday and one of them we just barely commited last night. The other has a hard time because her parents are split and with school starting she needed clothes and stuff and they each buy different stuff for her so she couldn't attend yesterday but hopefully this week!! We're also hoping to commit a family with two people that can be baptized this week. My companion said that this is really good for this area because she was here for three months before me for her training in the field and they didn't have any people with dates and no baptisms so we're pretty excited!!!!

I'm doing really good. I've had some blisters :( but they're healing now! :) And I'm really starting to feel better about the language. I still don't understand a lot but it's getting better.
I love you!!!!! I hope everything goes well for you this week!!

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