Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Investigators

I had a good week! We were able to work a lot. We visited with a lot of less active members. There's one that's really awesome. Her name's Thelma. She's come to church two weeks in a row and she's willing to change and do things right. She has two daughters that are super great as well. It makes me super happy to see her there. It's been a little hard for her because single mother and all but she wants to do things right. Juana and her daughter don't want anything. So we don't visit anymore.

We also found a really good family! They're awesome! There's like 7 of them. There's three more children but I think that they live in the capital. The girl that we contacted wasn't there but the others told us that she's reading the Book of Mormon and we were able to share with the rest about the book and especially the parents. We feel like they're ready and it should go well. We also have an agreement with them that they're going to teach us Q'eqchi' and we're (or I'm) going to teach them English. They're like little rays of sunshine that we've found.

Well this week is the semana santa (Holy Week) leading up to Easter. Hopefully things will go well this week. There's a lot of Catholics here and they do parade like things where they carry a Jesus that's carrying a cross on their shoulders. I don't understand exactly why but they do. They also decorate the streets with colored sand or something that are called alfombras. Some are pretty creative. We missed the parade yesterday but they tell us that Friday and Saturday we're going to see a lot more. Sweet! We had to walk through one of the group (they do mini groups as well leading up to the big event) and there was a guy video taping it with the camera and we both walked right in front of it. Opps! So the ormon missionaries are going to show up the catholic movie....that was a mistake. Also the ward that I'm in has a trip to the temple this weekend. Friday and Saturday. That makes it a little hard to work because we have to have a member but we'll figure things out.

Well, hopefully the weather is good this week. Last week was super nice and it's kind of raining today but hopefully it'll be nice the rest of the week!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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