Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40-80 degrees!

So we had a pretty good week this week. We worked hard and we had lots of appointments. Some fell through but we're coming along. Sunday we were able to leave with an ex-missionary that helped us out a lot. So far we pretty much know the members and we working on getting more investigators. We have a lady names Juana and her daughter. They're kind of rejecting us a little. I don't know it's weird with them because she acts like she doesn't want us to come and then after she's like, why aren't you visiting. I don't know. We'll see what happens with her. We found a new family this Sunday, they're evangelists, but we're going to visit them and see what happens as well. Some of their neighbors don't attend church so maybe we can work with them as well.

We had stake conference this weekend and it went really well. We really felt the spirit and were able to bring some less active members. They really liked it. The members are all super great and really help us out with everything.

Today we went to see some caves that were pretty cool. This week was cold but finally warmed up this weekend and it's like in the 80s right now. It was in the 40s before. I had my coat, scarf, boots, leggings, like everything to try to stay warm haha. Yeah the houses are definitely different here. They don't have stuff to keep the house warm or hot and there isn't anything like conditioning or heating. Just some fans when it's hot haha. But it's all good. I like it! Hope you enjoy the warmer air as well!

I hope that you all have a great week and enjoy the pic! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My new companion and I at the caves

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