Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This week was pretty good. Tuesday I went around visiting people and saying goodbye. Wednesday I went to Santa Elena in the morning. Waited for the transfer with the other sisters and finally I knew that I was going to Coban. So then we went to the terminal around lunch time to take the bus and found out that there was a bus that wasn’t going directly to Coban with this group anymore. So three elders and I went a different route. We even had to cross a river in a boat (that doesn't happen too often in the mission....!) and finally made it to COBAN! And it was raining when we got there haha. Not too much just a little. I met my new companion. Her name's Hermana Cena and she's from El Salvador! She's really great! She's 19 years old! I thought I wouldn't get to meet a young one but here she is.

We're basically opening area because we were going to be three but the other’s visa came so she's going to her assigned mission. So we're learning the area. We already feel pretty good here and this week we're looking forward to working here.

Sorry I don't have much time today! Love you all and be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodbye Hermana Branderas!

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