Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Transfers for Me!

And the results are in..............there aren't transfers. So I'm here in Los Olivos another transfer. Well I've completed 4 transfers here and on to the 5th. I'm happy that I'm still here with Hermana Cruz. I've really learned a lot from her and I'm sure I'll learn a lot more. We had a pretty good week. This Tuesday a general authority came and spoke to us. Elder Maynez, a 70. It was really good. He talked to us about 2 gifts that God gave us. Jesus and the Holy Ghost. He really talked a lot about the Holy Ghost. The importance of it and what he does. He also talked about the celestial kingdom. It was funny because he asked, "What's it like in the celestial kingdom?" Well we don't know what it's like. So he said, "Then why does everyone want to go there?" hahaha. Yeah we really don't know what it's like there but we all want to go. But it was a really good talk and he did a really good job. He spoke in Spanish. He served as a mission president in a Spanish speaking mission but hasn't spoken Spanish in 12 years. He did a really good job. It was awesome.

And speaking of this conference we were all together, the three missions in the capital (north, south, central) and the CCM! All the missionaries in the capital were all together and it was awesome. And I ran into ELDER BURPO!!! It was crazy!!! He's already got 23 months in the mission and is going home next month!! Wow crazy!!!! But it was awesome to see him and he's doing great!

Guess what we haven't had a telephone in the house for 2 weeks now. It stinks because it's really hard to set up appointments with members without a telephone. And those Sundays we have to borrow a member's phone or use a public telephone to call to report the numbers for the week. This weekend with the transfers a member let us borrow their cell phone for the night which was really nice of them.

Yajaira wasn't able to attend church this week because she had to work because or Father's Day. We were kind of disappointed but the baptism's on for the 30th now. But it's all good. My convert Mariela is now less active. She attend church one time in the last 6 weeks. I'm not very happy with her but we really don't know what to do. I'm a little bit frustrated but we'll see what happens this transfer.

I think they have Youth Conference here. I know they're all saving money to go to Coban this next month. But they don't go camping like we do.

I love you all a ton!!! Hope everything goes well!!

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