Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brownies and Ice Cream

I made a list of things to write this week so hopefully my email will be better this week. Yajaira is doing great! She attended church and we're on track to get her baptized. She's scheduled for the 23 of June. The transfers are on the 20th so if we have changes someone, us both, or neither of us will have the area changed and won't be there for the baptism. But it's all good. I'm just really excited for her because this is something that she really wants in her life.
We got the new For the Strength of Youth pamphlets and they're great! They're really pretty and well done. We were able to get one in the Distribution Center when we went to the temple. I can't remember if I told you but Elder Martino (area authority) and his wife were in our session and one of his counselors Elder Amado as well. Sorry if I said that again but I can't remember....

 I hit my 7 month mark this last Saturday and it was a great day.

We're going to make brownies today for a family home evening and we're going to eat it with ice cream. I'm super excited! I haven't eaten brownies since I left home.

Oh yeah and we're making the brownies for a family that's inactive. The mom and dad are members inactive but the mom is starting to attend again. She has the things that she wants in her life but still feels like there's something missing. After 15 years she's coming back to church!!!!! And she's got three kids. One, the oldest, is 11 years old, Gaby, and she wasn't blessed in the church so we're going to teach her and get her baptized! The other two kids are still little but we're super excited for the family. The father we don't know yet but we're hoping that maybe he can come back too but we'll see. From what we've heard he doesn't sound too interested right now but who knows. We're super excited for this family and Gaby is amazing. She's really smart, excited, and reads everything because she really loves the church!

It's been raining here. Not as much this week but it's rained hard. But it's all good.

Daniela's doing great! She's really grown a lot since her baptism and has been able to stand up to her children a little because they really didn't support her baptism but it's a lot better now. She prays for her children to understand. The oldest is the worst and meanest about it but we'll see how it goes further along in time.

Mariela's being Mariela. She attends one week and doesn't attend the other week at church. I'm not sure what she thinks because she know that we can't buy things on Sunday but then she talks about buying certain things on Sunday so I'm not really sure.

Things are going good in Los Olivos and we're working hard. I can't believe how many people and getting married! It's crazy and others going on their missions!!

Well I hope you all have a great week and love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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