Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cake, Brownies, and Ice Cream

The brownies and ice cream went great. We had talked with this family to cook it in their house but they don't have an oven that works so we did it at another person's house. But we didn't tell them we were going to do it so when we came they had also cooked a cake haha. But it was all good! So we ate cake, brownies, and ice cream yummy!! It tasted really good. We did those Turtle brownies with the carmel. mmmm! Gabby is doing good. The mom wants us to work with her some more before we put a date to be sure that she really has a testimony because the mom is still a little hestitant about the church. They've attended like 3 times now but it's still a little new for them. We're hoping to get the father to attend with them too so that they can be a happy family haha.

Mariela is my first baptism so she's already been baptized and everything. We aren't sure what's happening with her but she didn't attend church again and when we passed by the house we talked with Jeymmi (the daughter) and she said that Mariela wasn't there but I'm pretty sure that I heard her voice and we're pretty sure that she was at home. I'm really disappointed right now. She knows what she needs to do but she just isn't doing it. Sigh.... But Yajaira's doing great and is going to be baptized on the 23rd! We're super excited!!!

This week we had a lot of rain. It rained really hard one day, so hard that it hailed. Yes that's right hail. I didn't believe it at first but guess where we were. In the middle of it haha. It wasn't too bad but it was a surprise. We've also had some lightning and thunder, pretty loud. That's how we know it's about to pour...

This Sunday we had the ward conference and I played the piano for the choir. A family and us sang If you could hie to Kolob in English as well for a musical number. This family can all speak English. It was pretty good. The choir bought necklaces, earring, and bracelets for all that participated so we got those. It was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we're going to a conference for all the missionaries in the city to listen to a 70 Elder Maynez. So we get another p'day tomorrow haha. jk no we're going to listen and gain more learning in this conference and we're also not going to work until 6pm like a p'day haha. No it's going to be great! I'm excited!!!

Also we're in week 6 this week! Aiii! This transfer went by fast!!!! Next week is the transfers! The 20th! And I'm looking forward to this next week to find out where Jacob's going!!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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