Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm getting ready to go on a mission and I'm really, really excited!!! I'm serving in the Guatemala, Guatemala City North Mission going into the MTC in Provo on November 2nd!! So 3 weeks from yesterday I will officially be there.  I'm doing split time in the MTC with approximately 3 weeks in the Provo MTC and then 6 weeks in the Guatemala MTC.  I'm really looking forward to the nice warm weather that I'll find down in Guatemala and losing the cold that is coming so rapidly here in Utah. Goodbye snow, hello sun!!!  One of the parts I'm really looking forward to is learning Spanish!  I've always wanted to learn this language so I'm way excited!  Now I just have to get my talk ready for Sunday at my "farewell" talk. Hope it goes well and that I see lots of people there!!

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